How To Check for Throat Cancer Symptoms

Cancers of any kind always cause concern for everybody. They are known as the “Big C” and usually the survival rate is relatively small so people nowadays are always on the lookout and are more attentive to their health. Hence you see the emergence of health foods, healthy living, going green advocacies, healthy eating and etc. All these are because of the growing awareness of cancer and a host of other diseases that are plaguing mankind.

What is cancer of the throat? Throat cancer actually belongs to the category of neck and head cancer and usually encompasses the larynx, sinuses, pharynx, lips and oral cavity. Throat cancer is mostly caused by excessive drinking and smoking so you should avoid these 2 risk factors if you don’t want to raise your chances of getting throat cancer.

How would you know if you have throat cancer? How do you check symptoms? Below are some points for you to consider.

  1. You need to figure out and ascertain your risk for this type of cancer first. Know that incidences of throat cancer are higher when you reach 50 and that throat cancer likely occurs in men rather than in women and African-American men are 50% more diagnosed with this type of cancer rather than Caucasian men.
  2. Take into consideration your lifestyle. Excessive smoking and drinking are the leading causes of throat cancer. After you have considered your risk factors, then you now check for the symptoms to see if you might have the possibility of throat cancer.
  3. When you are suspecting that you might have a problem then it would be best if you will keep a diary of all the symptoms that you feel. To check for symptoms, you need to observe the way you breathe. If you are producing squeaky or high-pitched sounds when you breathe then that is not normal. This is one of the symptoms that something is wrong.
  4. Next, observe if you have this persistent cough and especially if there is blood involved.
  5. Do you have recurring problems with your sinuses? If you are then you might want to check for other symptoms of throat cancer. Sinus problems are an indication of throat cancer too.
  6. Check yourself for other symptoms like sores on your tongue and mouth, pains in your teeth, nosebleeds, loss of weight, swelling of your eyes and enlargement of your lymph nodes to name a few.
  7. Take note of your health and try to think if you have had sore throat for more than 2 weeks already, if you have trouble in swallowing or if you have chronic pains in the neck. When you put a check mark on all of these symptoms then it would be best if you consult your doctor already.

Chances of surviving cancer are getting better and better with time because of all the technology that we now have access to. The most important thing is making an early diagnosis so that your cancer can be treated at its earliest stage thereby improving your chances for survival.


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