How To Choose a Diet Book

Diet books abound, and some of them seemingly even contradict one another. So how would you choose a diet book that would best work for you?

  • Consider your food preferences and lifestyle. Don't aspire for a diet program that would be hard for you to maintain in the long run. The key here is to make sure that the diet can be workable and manageably integrated into a lifestyle that you would maintain, ideally for life. This would also help you avoid unhealthy yo-yo diet tendencies, or the tendency to lose weight fast, and then gain it again just as speedily.
  • Ask yourself: would you prefer to eat large full meals until you are full, or would you like to eat small portions every few hours? Would you be able to avoid sweets and chocolate, or would you prefer to have a diet that provides an allowance for the occasional rich, dark chocolate? From this preliminary assessment of your personal preferences, choose the diet programs that would appeal most to you.
  • Research healthful diets. Look up the characteristics of the diet - what do they promise? What food groups are involved? Be wary of diets that seem to be fad diets. These fad diets usually promise "miracle foods" that burn fat at a faster rate than usual, and they also usually restrict your diet to particular foods only. These fad diets are unhealthy, since they would limit your intake of the other nutrients that your body also needs.
  • Look up who created the diet program - is he a certified nutritionist or a medical professional? You may opt to further research about the author, the effects of the diet (see if there are any claims that the diet is ineffective or even dangerous), and how easy it is to maintain.
  • Consult your nutritionist or doctor. Consult your doctor especially about the medical aspects of your diet. Will the diet program be beneficial to you given your medical history and background? If not, what kind of diet will best work for you? You should get your doctor's express approval of the diet plan that you want to embark on, to make sure that it would not have any adverse effects on your health.
  • Check out the food involved. Take another look at the particular food involved in the diet program, and see its availability at your local supermarket. Is the diet program from a different country, and does it feature foods or ingredients that are not available locally? You may check out alternatives to those particular foods that are not available, or you can opt to obtain another diet book altogether.
  • Join support groups.  Join weight-watchers groups in your area. Not only will you be able to gain valuable support from people who share your same situation, but you may also benefit from their own diet experiences. Ask them their opinions about their diet, whether it worked for them or not. This information would be very valuable in helping you choose that one diet book you will stick with.

In your quest for the diet book that would most suit you, just remember to employ sound management and common sense. Also, make sure that you have realistic expectations, and that you are aiming for long-term health and not just an emergency crash diet. Good luck!


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