How To Choose a Non-Narcotic Sleep Aid

Sleep is becoming a problem for a growing number of people today. In the USA alone, there are approximately forty million individuals who suffer from various types of sleeping problems – some of whom will go as much an entire night or two without sleep. Although there are sleeping pills available, one of the usual problems that sleeping pill users face is the narcotic effects in the morning – the groggy and fuzzy feeling that makes it very difficult to concentrate on tasks and work. Here are some non-narcotic sleep aid alternatives that you can use to get your needed sleep.

  1. Consider the severity of the sleep problem. There are several types of insomnia and sleep problems .there are people who do not get sleep at all, there are those who find it difficult to sleep, find it difficult to wake up, or find it easy to wake up in the middle of the night form the slightest disturbances. Consult a doctor if you have chronic sleeping problems, which can be the result of other underlying causes that will need separate treatment.
  2. Go natural. As much as possible, people with only occasional sleep problems should take the natural route to sleeping. Sleeping is a natural activity, and using too many chemicals and drugs will only make your body dependent on these for sleep – which can give you a good night’s sleep for a few weeks, but which will make it almost impossible for you to sleep without the drugs once your body has grown accustomed to the chemicals. You can try tea such as Valerian roots, which naturally foster sleep. You can also use chamomile combined with lavender, to make sleeping very easy and comfortable.
  3. Melatonin. An over the counter supplement that you can try is Melatonin. This is produced naturally in the body during youth, but as the body becomes older the less melatonin is produced. Melatonin promotes natural sleep and can be used as an aid for people with sleeping problems. These are usually inexpensive and can be purchased in health food stores. Just make sure to follow the intake instructions, because too much melatonin can make your head ache in the morning.
  4. Exercise. Few people realize that exercise actually promotes great sleep. If your body is tired from a healthy bout of exercise, your body will naturally seek to regenerate itself and refresh itself through sleep. As an added bonus, exercising will make your healthy over-all by removing the excess calories in your body and giving you a good shape and fit body. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercises every day or every other day is usually enough.

Finally, make your sleep pattern a habit. The body that has lost sense of the right sleeping pattern will find it more difficult to fall asleep. As much as possible, set an hour for sleeping and waking up, and avoid naps in between so that your body will conform to the sleep period that you have allotted for yourself. With these in mind, you should be able to sleep comfortably soon.


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