How To Choose Chakrabhedan

People want a disease-free, ageless and healthy body and mind, forever. So they exercise. There are many types of exercises like games and sports, working out at gyms, walking, jogging and many more. Below are a few of the benefits of exercise:

  1. Exercises warm the body so that it remains more active. In cold climates, exercise is important for the functioning of organs in the body.
  2. Exercise burns excessive fat and carbohydrates. Burning of carbohydrates helps diabetic patients.
  3. Exercise removes impurities from the body through sweating, like an internal ablution of the body.
  4. Exercise activates one's muscles so that they feel ready to begin work.
  5. Exercise helps lungs and other organs to remain active.
  6. Exercise helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Isotonic exercises like walking and jogging have the least adverse effect, but isometric exercises like gym workouts, games and sports have some adverse effect. Here are some of the disadvantages of isotonic exercises:

  1. Isometric exercises cannot be continued forever as far as age is concerned.
  2. Some people believe that excessive, hard exercises remove any softness of the body and affect one's nature as well.....making one become more rough and tough.
  3. Because exercise increases the thickness of muscles, blood pressure increases as well, putting pressure on the functioning of the heart.

Upon retirement from work, a man's activities often decrease suddenly. Because of his old age, he cannot practice hard exercises, and often can only go for a walk at best. If he confines himself to his home, his body and its organs decrease in functional effectiveness, his immunity decreases and he succumbs to disease. Disease is the harbinger of aging and death. In order to cure disease, he takes medicine. While medicine cures one disease, it can give another disease in its place. The man is now in a vicious circle from one disease and pain to another.

In order to free oneself from this vicious circle, one has to find an exercise that can be practiced forever. It should be simple and effective. For many, this exercise is yoga or yogic exercise. There are different types of yogic exercises taught by different masters. My late master has developed one unique yogic exercise called Chakrabhedan (circle interception), which is very simple and may be practiced by all forever. The body has six major chakras or circles - one each at anus, genital, navel, mid-chest, throat and at Trikuti (in between the eyebrows). Besides these six major chakras, there are six minor chakras or joints in hands as well as in legs. So in all, there are eighteen chakras in the whole body. Here in this exercise, parts of the body or parts of limbs are moved repeatedly around these chakras. While moving parts of the body, the mind should be kept concentrated on that chakra. In the mind, one should think that this chakra should be disease-free and remain healthy. So it is an exercise of both body and mind. This exercise gives all those benefits of common exercises. Besides those, some additional benefits are:

  1. At joints, nerve cells and blood vessels are bent or rounded. So when body parts are moved around these joints, these are cleaned up.
  2. Secretions at joints tend to dry up in old age but Chakrabhedan helps joints to maintain their lubrication.
  3. Since mind is concentrated on the chakras, the powers of concentration and willpower increase.
  4. The body remains soft but strong, disease-free and ageless.
  5. With the regular practice for years, one perfectly controls one's mind and body. One wins over disease, aging and death.


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