How To Clean an Ostomy Bag

The right way to clean an ostomy bag depends on the kind of ostomy bag that you have. There are two types of ostomy bag, the open ended and the close ended. If you are suffering from a disease or an injury, then you must properly understand how to clean your ostomy bag to prevent infection and other unwanted accidents. Below are tips and guides on how to clean an ostomy bag.

  • A colostomy pouch must be changed when it is 1/3 to1/2 full. To avoid accidents, do not wait for the bag to become full before changing it because stress on the seams may cause the ostomy bag to tear or split. For hygiene purposes, it is advisable to use the toilet in cleaning the ostomy bag. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Clean your ostomy bag often if it is not disposable. Remember that open-ended ostomy bags are intended for numerous uses. Use your ostomy bag and do not forget to empty them regularly from 5 to 7 days.
  • Sit on a toilet bowl (if you are using an open-ended bag), remove the bag’s clamp and then empty its contents into the bowl. Hold the bag with your two hands, then grasp the clamp end up. Unclasp or slide the clamp while you are holding your ostomy bag. Press or squeeze the contents of your now opened ostomy bag. Clean your ostomy bag with aspeto syringe before you re-clamp it. It is a great thing to do if you can clean your ostomy bag everyday.
  • Remove the ostomy bag from your stoma if desired. Grasp the ostomy bag and press your abdomen’s skin away from the ostomy bag. Remove the clamp at the one end of your ostomy bag to empty its contents into a toilet bowl.
  • Clean your skin near your stoma with soapy and warm water. Use a paper towel or a clean towel to dry your skin. It does not matter if your ostomy bag is disposable or not. The important thing is to clean your skin that surrounds your stoma. Observe your stoma and your skin if there are any signs of skin irritation. Quickly report to your health care attendant as soon as you feel any skin problems. Remember to frequently shave your skin where you are attaching your ostomy pouch because hair attracts dirt naturally and it can lessen the adhesiveness of the seal.
  • Rinse the ostomy bag with soapy warm water before reconnecting the pouch or the clamp to the stoma. If you do not rinse the ostomy bag, ensure that the bottom of your ostomy bag is dry and clean. Then, reconnect the clamp to close the ostomy bag.

Learn more about ostomy bags and your condition because you are bound to experience changes in your everyday routine. Try various ostomy suppliers to find the brand that will work best for you. Ask your health care provider immediately if you have any ostomy pouch concerns as you are adjusting in your new condition.


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