How To Clean Cryptic Tonsils

Cryptic tonsils are characterized by too many folds and deep pockets and pits; hence the name. They are quite a problem because they tend to accumulate mucous, bacteria, and food fragments that turn into tonsil stones. Also called tonsilloliths, tonsil stones are whitish and foul-smelling and cause bad breath and sore throat. This is why it is particularly important to clean the cryptic tonsils of stones and other debris. Here’s how to do this.

  • Examine your cryptic tonsils. Before you do any cleaning, it is highly important to take a look at your tonsils. Grab a mirror and open your mouth wide enough to get a view of your tonsils. If you see any whitish lump in there, it could be a tonsil stone. Remember to use a flashlight when you examine your tonsils. Better yet, do this in a well-lit area.
  • Nudge the tonsil stone out. You have several ways to remove the tonsil stone, and one of which is by using a q-tip. Moisten it with warm water. Then, using a mirror, locate the tonsil stone. Gently push the tonsil stone several times until it drops from the pocket. Other than a q-tip, you can also use a cotton swab or a toothbrush, and just the same dampen them with warm water before use. Never remove the tonsil stone with your fingers, as you might risk infecting your tonsils. Also, remember that it might be hard to prod the tonsils out by yourself, but try to do several attempts until you get that stone out.
  • Gargle. Gargling removes the bacteria and fragments that might linger in the cryptic tonsils. You can use either mouthwash or vinegar. If you go the mouthwash route, simply dilute a small amount in a half-filled glass of water. If you prefer using vinegar, boil one cup of vinegar and let it cool down a bit. Gargle with the mouthwash or vinegar for at least thirty seconds. Then, rinse your mouth with plain water.
  • Use a dental irrigator. Dental irrigator, such as water pik, can also clean cryptic tonsils. Fill the dental irrigator with warm water and, if you prefer, add a small amount of mouthwash. Set it on low and irrigate the cryptic tonsils, paying attention to the parts where tonsil stones will most likely accumulate.
  • Consider taking antibiotics. If your cryptic tonsils are quite inflamed, you might be prescribed with antibiotics. Take them as instructed by your physician. Never increase your dosage or make a schedule on your own. If inflammation persists, please pay your doctor a visit.

Remember that because of their excessive number of folds, cryptic tonsils are likely to accumulate more fragments and bacteria and might therefore have tonsil stones again. Regular cleaning of the cryptic tonsils provides temporary solution, but if you want to permanently stop having tonsil stones, you might have to undergo a surgery that will remove the tonsil crypts. Consult your doctor to know whether your case will benefit from a surgical procedure.


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