How To Clean HEPA Filters

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters works to trap small particles of dust that other filters miss. These tiny particles might cause allergies and put your family’s health at risk. But having a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner means there is a lesser chance of you breathing in allergens and thus ensures you of safer air at home. Over time, however, a HEPA filter accumulates a great amount of dirt, which compromises its performance. To always keep your HEPA filter in good working condition, it is important that you regularly clean it of dust particles. Here are the steps in doing so.

  1. Access the HEPA filter. First locate the dust cup in your vacuum cleaner. Then carefully pull it off. The HEPA filter is inside the dust cup, so you may need to empty the contents of the dust cup into the trash bin first before accessing the HEPA filter. Once the dust cup is clean, reach for the HEPA filter inside the cup and carefully remove it. You should not have problems doing this, as the HEPA filter is easy to detach.
  2. Dust off. You will notice that the HEPA filter is covered with dust. This is what you have to remove. Get a brush and gently scrub the dust into the trash bin. You may find that some particles are clinging hard to the filter, so you may need to knock the filter against a hard surface, a trash bin for instance, to break them loose. Then once they become loose, scrub the dust particles off. Aside from a brush, a good amount of compressed air can also do this job well. Just release air into the HEPA filter and let the dust particles fall into the trash bin. Also, do not forget to wash the HEPA filter’s screen by soaking it in water. Once clean, let it air dry. Make sure it is completely dry before reattaching it to the HEPA filter.
  3. Reassemble the parts. After cleaning the dust bin and HEPA filter, begin to reassemble them together. After this, put the dust cap back into the vacuum. Test the vacuum cleaner. If it is working properly, it is ready for your next cleaning time. But remember to clean it again after using.

If this is your first time to clean your HEPA filter, proceed with caution to prevent doing anything that may damage your filter. To be on the safe side, consider checking your manual for specific instructions since HEPA filters may differ according to vacuum cleaner brands. Remember that HEPA filters generally last for six months. After this period, you have to buy for a replacement. In some cases, though, HEPA filters under six months have to be replaced because of irreparable damages due to negligence and irregular cleaning. So to make sure your HEPA filter will live its full lifespan, have it regularly and properly cleaned. In the end, this will save you from unnecessary spending.


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