How To Control Food Portions

A common problem that is rapidly increasing in near epidemic proportions is the number of obese people throughout the United States and Europe. While diet and exercise do play a major role in determining if you will gain or lose weight, another area that requires just as much attention is portion control.

Over the last few decades this has increased for most people, now whenever you buy something instead of receiving the serving size for what a normal person would eat, it is now the serving size of two to three people. At the fast food restaurants this has been taken a step further with their extra large or supersized menus to give you an even larger portions of soda, food and deserts. While this can seem challenging there many different ways to control food portions such as:

One, use a smaller plate; one of the easiest ways to be able to effectively control food portions is to use a smaller plate. What happens is when you are putting your food portions on the smaller plate it will seem as if you are eating more food when in reality you are eating less, effectively controlling food portions that you eat.

Two, add lot of vegetables, another way that you can control your portions is to add lots of vegetables and salad. What you want to do is fill up half your plate with lot of vegetables or salad. Studies have shown that when you increase your vegetable portions you are causing your stomach to fill faster when it is eating this type of low calorie food. Meaning that you are lowering food portions for the less unhealthy foods and increasing food portions for the more healthy foods helping you to lose weight.

Three, take a break during your meals, another way besides controlling food portions that will help you to lose weight is to take breaks when you are eating. Recent studies show that when you are eating it takes the stomach approximately 20 minutes to let the brain know that you are filling up. This can often lead to eating more food portions than you should. To be able to control food portions effectively means that you must take a break when you are eating. After about 10 or 15 minutes your stomach will feel full compared to what it was before you started eating. A major problem that many people wrestle with in an effort to control their weight is controlling food portions that they eat. By using the above tips you will be able to eat smaller food portions helping you to lose weight.



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