How To Create a Medical Permission Slip

A lot of parents need to let other people take care of their children. Children change hands from the daycare teacher, to baby sitter, and sometimes even to child station attendants at the local mall. Because of this, it is a good idea to give people medical permission slips that will give them an idea of what to do in case your child gets into a medical emergency, and which will give them authorization to send the child to the hospital. Here’s how you can make the permission slip yourself.

  • Open. First of all, you will need to open a word processing program in your computer. Most computers come with Microsoft Word, although you can also use other types of word processing applications such as word processor in Open Office. You can do this by clicking on the Start Button found on the task bar at the bottom of the screen. Click on the File button on the top of the screen, and then select the New button, to create a new document.
  • Information. One the new document, you will need to type in the basics of the authorization permit. Like all authorization permit, you need to start with the person vested with the authority, in this case you. You should write from the first person perspective, so that the opening line will read like: “I hereby give permission…” or “I formally authorize…” This should then be followed by the name of the person that you are giving the authority to, whether it is the daycare teacher or the baby sitter. If you need to create a lot of copies of the permission slip because your child is supervised by plenty of people, you can simply add in a blank for the name of the caretakers, which you can later on pen in.  Add in details such as the duration for the permission, and the organizations that are being authorized. If you want the permission to last only until a field trip is over, for instance, you should specify so.
  • Medical information. Next, include some pertinent medical information. the permission slip should not only provide the holder with the authority to exercise guardianship over your child, but should also be fully informed about the health status of your child, so that he will be able to make informed and intelligent decisions about your child’s wellbeing and health. If your child has allergies or special conditions, you should include all of these in the medical information portion. If your child is taking specific medications, also include it in the information, and add the drugs that are contraindicated against the particular medication she is under.
  • Signature and contact information. Make sure that you type in your name and leave space for your signature. The signature is very important, since it is what will make the document valid. You will also need to add in your contact information, such as your mobile number and your address, so that the caretaker will be able to contact you when necessary.

After you have finished writing down the document, the final step is to save the document and then to print it. With these steps, you should be able to easily and quickly create a permission slip for your child.


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