How To Deal with Secondhand Smoke

Today, almost everyone is aware of the health hazards that smoking brings. There are, however, still plenty of smokers. Whatever reasons your friends and family may have for smoking, one of the things that you need to deal with is the secondhand smoke that they will pass on to you. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from facing the health risks of second hand smoke.

  1. Choose your location. Be aware of the location where you are in. most public areas and offices today have designated smoking and non-smoking areas. Just as it would be impolite for a smoker to smoke in a place that has already been declared as a nonsmoking area, you also should not pressure the smokers to not smoke in areas that have been designated as smoking areas. Most adult smokers know better than to smoke in enclosed spaces especially when there are nonsmokers inside, anyway.
  2. Leave the room. There will be plenty of gray areas when it comes to the locations where a person can smoke. There are some areas that have large windows and good ventilation and which are not declared as a nonsmoking area. In this case, it is possible for smokers to whip out their stick and start smoking by the window or inside the house. In this case, the best way to deal with the situation is by leaving the room and simple returning after the smoker has finished his cigarette. Hover, you can also ask the smoker to open all the windows and the fans in the room, to prevent the scent of cigarettes from quickly building up in the room.
  3. Place signs. Apart from public areas and establishments that have been designated as nonsmoking areas, you can also take charge of secondhand smoke in your house by placing nonsmoking signs in conspicuous places. This will remind your smoker friends that you do not want smoking inside your property. It is not uncommon to live with a parent or spouse who smokes, however. In this case, you and the smoker should create a plan on how to minimize odor in the house. For example, you can make a rule that the smoker can only smoke in certain parts of the house or in the patio. Add in some scented candles inside the house and the smoke should not be noticeable.
  4. Orient your smoker friends. If you have friends who smoke, you can also orient them about your status. Tell them that your sinuses are irritated when exposed to secondhand smoke, or that you want to steer clear of the health risks of second hand smoke. Make sure, however, that you do not do this in a condescending or disrespectful way. After all, smoking is a personal choice albeit a harmful one.

Finally, try to open the idea of quitting for your smoker friends. A lot of smokers are actually aware of the health hazards of smoking and are quite open to the idea of quitting. However, they usually need someone to help them go through the difficult process of withdrawal and quitting.


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