How To Deal with a Snoring Spouse or Partner

Some people can sleep even with the lights turned on and the music blaring in the other room. Some people, however, need to have a very quiet bedroom to sleep comfortably. if you are one of these people, a snoring partner or spouse can be very challenging. If you are literally losing sleep from your partner’s snoring, here’s some ways to deal with the situation.

  1. Singing. However strange this may seem, singing along during the day is actually a way to exercise the muscles in the soft palette. The soft palette is one of the primary reasons why people snore. When this part of the body is not exercised enough, it can clog up the air passage during sleep and cause sound to come out fluttering loudly, which causes snoring.
  2. Sleeping position. How your snoring partner sleeps is another factor that can contribute to the snoring. If your partner sleeps on his back, there is a greater possibility that the person will snore. Sleeping on your back will create pressuring in their throat that will restrict the natural flow of air. Sleeping on your side, on the other hand, will open up and dilate the throat and allow air to pass naturally and quietly from the lungs to the mouth or the nose.
  3. Nasal strip. The nasal strip is an object that is placed inside the nose to dilate the passage way of air from the nose to the throat and the lungs. Nasal strips will need some getting used to, but once your partner has gotten used to the nasal strip, it can greatly reduce the chances of smoking. Keep in mind, however, that snoring can be caused by a number of factors, such as the soft palette, the throat, and the nasal passage. The nasal strip will only be effective if the snoring partner has a clogged nasal passage way.
  4. Limit cigarettes and alcohol. A lot of people are aware of the health problems that are associated with smoking and with excessive alcohol use. Apart from the risks of liver damage or cancer, these can also irritate and cause obstructions in the throat that will foster snoring. For example, a person who frequently smokes will have an irritated throat. The body’s response will be to create phlegm and mucus to keep the throat protected. The mucus and the phlegm, on the other hand, can restrict the smooth passage of air in the lungs.
  5. Diet and exercise. Eating healthy foods and adding exercise to your weekly or daily routine is also a good way to prevent obesity, which has been linked with the deterioration of the person’s breathing pattern.
  6. Head position. Try placing a small pillow in your partner’s head. There are comfortable neck pillows that will be a pleasure to use, and which will nudge the position of the throat to open up more so that breathing will be easier.

Finally, consider getting yourself checked for allergies that may be manifesting itself in excessive and very loud snoring. Sometimes the throat is bloated and mucus is formed in the throat and the nose because of allergies. With these steps, you should be able to reduce snoring in your partner and get the good night’s sleep you need.


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