How To Deal with the Pain Associated with Tendonitis

Tendonitis is an ailment that can cause much pain from the hands up to the arms. People with tendonitis will sometimes be unable to use their arms and hands. The pain from tendonitis can be so painful and acute that sleeping at night is difficult. Here’s how you can deal with the pain.

  1. Arm braces. Arm braces are one of your first lines of defense when it comes to tendonitis. The arm braces will keep your arms in place and will prevent it from moving too much. This will prevent the arm from unnecessary tension and exertion. Keep in mind, however, that the arm braces will keep you from using your arms while you are wearing the braces. This means that the amount of work that you will be able to do will be limited. As much as possible, schedule the arm braces for the weekend.
  2. Warm bath. One of the usual culprits behind tendonitis is overworked muscles and tendons in your arms. If your muscles are aching because of excess stress, one of the simplest and quickest remedies that you can take is a warm bath. The warm water will help soothe the muscles and will improve circulation to help the torn muscle fibers and muscle tissues to heal quickly. Apart from warm baths, you can also use a hot compress around the part of your arm that is aching. The warm compress will also stimulate blood flow.
  3. Rest. Be sure to get as much rest as possible if you are experiencing severe tendonitis. Moving around will prevent your muscles from healing. Stay at home and take a few days off from the office, and drink as natural juices to increase the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs for growth. Celery and raspberry juices are great for tendonitis pains while you are taking your break. The celery will help to control the nerve endings in your arms which send out pain signals, while the raspberry juice will help to relax the muscles in your arms.
  4. Medication. Get some pain killers to help alleviate the pain. Talk with your doctor and ask for some prescriptions for minimizing the throbbing and tingling sensation, especially if this is severe enough to keep you up at night. Remember, however, that too many medicines can lower your immune system and can eventually lower your body’s tolerance levels for pain. This means that you will need more medication just to stop the same level of pain.
  5. Exercise. Once your arm or hands have begun to recover, perform some gentle exercises to tone the muscles. If your work is what’s causing stress in your arms and hands, however, take frequent breaks and work gently to prevent your arms and hands from being overwhelmed. In time, your arms should develop enough to handle whatever type of work you are engaged in.

The hands and arms are some of the most frequently used parts of the body, which is why tendonitis can be very frustrating. With these steps, you should be able to deal with the pain from tendonitis.


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