How To Dissolve Earwax

Many people have a problem with excessive amounts of ear wax that may be difficult to get rid of. This can cause a lot of things like having the feeling that there is something in your ear, troubles hearing, and it could result in seeking medical care to have the wax removed. This can also cause irritation and inflammation of the ear canal, which can turn into an ear infection. Here are some tips to help you dissolve earwax.

Step One
The first thing to do is to try and soften up the wax. You can buy ear drops over the counter to assist with softening the ear wax. Make sure that you tilt your head, apply at least five drops, and leave the drops in the ear for at least five minutes. In most cases this will need to be done twice a day for about five days. After you apply the drops you can use a bulb syringe with warm water to flush out your ear.

Step Two
Follow this step only after the above tip did not help you dissolve the ear wax. This step usually helps most people get rid of the wax but it takes time and preparation. You will need to buy (if you don’t already have) a Waterpik dental water jet appliance. The older models will do just fine, and they can be bought on eBay or other auction sites. After you purchase the appliance, you need to set up an area and assemble the products you will need for this procedure. You will also need rubbing alcohol, vinegar, the appliance and warm water, a small container to place under the ear and a towel.

Step Three
Next you will need to make a solution that is fifty percent water, twenty five percent vinegar, and twenty five percent rubbing alcohol. The temperature of this solution should be lukewarm. Place the solution in the Waterpik’s reservoir. Put a towel over your shoulder.

Step Four
Put the tip on the appliance and place a container under your eat to collect all the water once it has been flushed. Place the tip of the appliance inside of the ear canal but make sure that it does not touch skin. To allow for better flow, tilt the head at a twenty five degree angle. Once this is done, set the appliance on the low setting. You may need to do some adjustments to make sure that the solution is flowing into the ear canal. You should continue with the process for about five minutes or until you see that the ear has been flushed and the wax has been removed.

Step Five
If both ears contain large amounts of wax, continue with step four with the other ear. After you flush the ear, tilt your head at a forty five degree angle to make sure that any excess fluid is drained from your ear. This process can be done every thirty days or so if needed.


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