How To Do Penis Enlargement Exercises

How to do penis enlargement exercises for many people, their physical appearance is important but, especially for men, the size of their penis is a sensitive issue; most would like a bigger one. Unfortunately, the average man doesn't know how to enlarge the size of his penis. While there are various methods that can be used to increase penis size, surgery, drugs, or creams, exercises are the safest way to improve length and girth. There are a myriad of exercises available that can be used to increase penis size but three of them stand out as superior to all of the others.

Jelqing, Kegel and Stretching are the best exercises to use to create the desired results that you want. Jelqing is used to draw blood into the cells of the penis, allowing the tissues to hold more fluid and make it bigger. Also, known as "penis milking", this exercise is very simple to perform. First, after applying lubrication, bring the penis to a semi erect state. Create an "O" with your thumb and middle fingers around the base of the penis and slide your hand up the shaft until the head is reached. This exercise should be performed only in this direction. Start slowly and alternate hands beginning with 20 repetitions. Gradually increase the number of exercises until 200 are done daily.

Kegel is another proven exercise but this one targets the PC muscle. It has been proved that if it this muscle is strengthened, then the penis will increase in size. As one of the four muscles that make up the penis, it is located between the anus and the scrotum. This exercise is performed by squeezing the muscle for a few seconds then releasing it. Tensing the muscle will strengthen it. Slowly increase the number of exercises until 200 are done daily.

The last exercise is called penis stretching and its purpose is to make the penis longer. By naturally stretching the ligaments, the penis will become longer. Start by putting both hands on the head with enough force to make it taunt. Pull with enough force so that a stretch can be felt and continue to hold this position for about 30 seconds then repeat. Increase the intensity with each exercise but not to the point that pain is felt. There are a few precautions to keep in mind. Start slowly and don't overdo it the first day and take a day off between exercises to allow for the muscles to recuperate.


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