How To Do the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is another diet program that was developed to control the creator’s own weight. The program worked well for him, so he wrote a series of books and had them published. The dietary program is simple, and if the patient will stick to it he could reach his normal weight. Who would'nt want to have normal weight and good body alignment? Everyone does. Everyone dreams of being admired for perfect body symmetry. To do the Atkins diet, here are the guidelines:

  1. Begin with the induction phase. During the first two weeks eat only 20 grams of carbohydrates alongside vegetable oil, salad greens, butter, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fish, poultry, and meats. Do not drink alcoholic drinks, but consume eight glasses of water per day. Multivitamins are also recommended.
  2. After two weeks you enter a new phase called the ongoing weight-loss phase. This will last for 9 weeks. Eat greater quantities of the following foods in different food groups each week. For the 3rd week eat vegetables in great quantities; 4th week – cheese; 5th week- nuts and seeds; 6th week – berries; 7th week – a little alcohol; 8th week –legumes; 9th week – other fruits; 10th week – starchy vegetables; and 11th week – whole grains.
  3. In the 12th week, you enter the pre-maintenance phase. During this phase, you can take 100 calories per week in carbohydrates in order to find how much your body can take without increasing your weight. This is called the tipping point.
  4. After the tipping point period, you begin the lifetime maintenance phase. Maintain the amount of carbohydrates you discovered during the tipping point. Continue your healthy food choices, because this phase will be continued during the rest of your life.
  5. Monitor and control your carbohydrate intake to maintain a healthy weight. Processed and pre-packaged foods are bad carbohydrates.

To do the Atkins diet, one must follow the above guidelines. This diet program is different from other diet programs in that other programs stop at a certain period. The Atkins diet is a continuous program and like an illness, it has a maintenance medication. Maintenance here is the monitoring and control of carbohydrate intake based on the tipping point period. Your weight should not increase even with bad carbohydrates.

To be on the Atkins diet, you will enter a bodily process known as ketosis. Ketosis is a state where the body burns fats as fuel. Insulin production is affected, thereby preventing more fats from being formed. This causes our cravings for carbohydrates to subside.

The Atkins diet provides rapid weight loss. Regaining your previous weight means you had eaten bad carbohydrates. Work out to achieve your dream weight; then maintain that weight. Once you reach your goal, you can introduce more carbohydrates back into your diet. If you eat the bad ones you will regain the weight that you had already discarded. If this happens, you have to start the program all over again. You can start anytime you want.


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