How To Do the Sugar Busters Diet

The Sugar Busters diet is all the rage these days. It's based on the idea that sugar leads to weight gain, not just fat. Developed by a cardiologist, an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist, this plan is safe and proven to be effective at helping you to shed inches and lose weight. Here's how to do the Sugar Buster's diet.

Step 1

Understand how it works. The Sugar Buster's diet is based on the glycemic index. This rates the amount of sugar in food, both natural sugars and added sugar. The lower the food is on the glycemic index, the less sugar it contains and the more nutritious it is for you. Low sugar keeps your blood sugar in check and stops your body from turning sugar into fat. The diet isn't just about cutting out treats and limiting your carbohydrates. It is a more calculated approach to avoiding high sugar foods that are proven to lead to weight gain.

Step 2

Don't worry about measuring. The best part of this diet is that it's easy. There is no measuring needed, no portions to size out, and no exact times you need to eat. You are basically free to eat as much as you want (within reason), whenever you want. What's the catch, you ask? You just have to limit what you eat to the acceptable foods on the Sugar Buster's list.

Step 3

Know what foods to avoid. To do the Sugar Buster's diet, you will probably need to cut out a few foods you've become accustomed to eating over the years. On this diet plan, you can no longer consume:

  • sugar / honey / syrup
  • sweet treats / desserts / pre-packaged snacks
  • beer / pop / high-fat milk / juices
  • pasta / white bread / non whole-grain cereal
  • potatoes / corn / carrots / bananas

It may seem like a large list, but you'll soon find that there are many healthy foods you are able to eat when you do the Sugar Buster's diet.

Step 4

Know what foods you should eat. When you're on the Sugar Buster's diet, you have to avoid all starches and sugars. But you don't have to avoid good taste! You can still eat lean cuts of all meats (except pork). Stock up on green vegetables, and buy only whole-grain bread. Purchase low-fat milk and dairy products, and make sure that your yogurt is sugar-free. Switch to olive oil instead of butter, and ensure that your salad dressings are fat-free and sugar-free. You don't even need to ignore your sugary cravings. Satisfy your sweet tooth by using artificial sweeteners in low quantities to sweeten your favorite treats. And keep sugar-free treats and drinks around the home for when that craving strikes.

The Sugar Buster's diet is more of a way of changing how you eat than a diet. You don't need to follow set recipes. You just need to eat the recommended foods and avoid the sugary and high-fat foods that have been making you fat. On the Sugar Buster's diet, you'll likely start dropping the pounds within the first few days. You won't feel deprived when you do the Sugar Buster's diet. Actually, you'll probably find that you feel fantastic!


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