How To Donate Hair for Kids with Cancer or Alopecia

Donate Hair for Charity

Human hair is needed to make wigs for kids with cancer or for kids suffering from alopecia aerata, which is permanent hair loss mostly from the scalp. Others may be suffering from a disease called trichotillomania. Experts believe that it is a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior. People suffering from this disease has little control over their behavior and often express their frustration, anger and tension by compulsively pulling their hair, leaving them with bare patches. There are a few agencies that accept donations of human hair and process them to make wigs. If you want to donate your hair to charity, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Choose the right charity to which you will donate your hair. Locks of Love is a popular charity that have provided a number of wigs for children with cancer and those with alopecia aerata and victims of severe burns on the scalp.
  2. Take care of your hair and keep it in good condition as it grows. The ponytail that you will donate should have a minimum length of ten inches. The hair should be tied in a ponytail or braided before it is cut.
  3. If your hair is long enough to meet the length requirement, shampoo your hair and condition it. Make sure that it is dry before you tie it in a ponytail or have it braided. Hair should be free from any moisture before placing it in a plastic bag and sealing it.
  4. You can donate permed or dyed hair but never have it bleached. Bleached hair will be rejected as it will not withstand the process involved in turning the hair into wigs. Bleached hair will be very dry and brittle and susceptible to breakage. Another thing is that it will be very difficult to match bleached hair.
  5. Only clean hair can be donated. Keep the ponytail in place when you store our hair in a plastic bag. Do not donate hair that have been swept from the floor. Likewise, hair that have been shaved off the head is not usable. They will only accept hair that has been bunched together in a neat ponytail or those that are braided. If you decide that you want to shave your head, you should divide the hair first into sections and make small ponytails and cut off as near the scalp as you can. Make sure that the hair will not touch the floor when you cut them.
  6. Dreadlocks are not acceptable for donation. They cannot be fashioned into wigs. If your hair is layered, you can still donate your hair as long as the longest layer is ten inches in length.
  7. If your hair is curly, stretch out the curl before taking measurement. It should also meet the minimum length requirement of ten inches from root to tip.
  8. Gray hair and short hair taken from ponytails and layers are not used in making wigs. Instead they are sold off to help defray the cost of wig manufacturing.

Place the hair in a plastic bag and seal it. You can also donate hair that has been cut long ago provided it is tied into a ponytail or braided. Place the plastic bag inside a padded envelope and mail the hair to your favorite charity. Locks of Love will send you a certificate of donation. Do check out other websites such as the Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Children with Hair Loss, Childhood Leukemia Foundation, Matter of Trust and Wigs for Kids.


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