How To Drop a Dress Size

Studies show that losing ten percent of your weight can have immense health benefits. For many, that ten percent is equal to a dress size (or two). If health is your goal, you can follow these steps and be on your way to dropping a dress size.

  1. Set a goal and write it down. Make your goal a priority. Write it down and keep the paper handy. Include the reasons for your goal on the same page, then post it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and any other place you might need the motivation.
  2. Give up the sugary soft drinks. Regular sodas contain an average of 150 calories per twelve-ounce can. There is no nutritional value obtained with these calories.
  3. Keep a food journal. Part of shrinking your size is psychological. For many, dieting is about control. By writing down every morsel you put in your mouth you force yourself to keep track of what you eat. You may be less likely to eat that bag of cookies when you have to write it down in your journal. Include what you ate, how much of it and what time you ate. If possible, include the calorie count for the food, and your reasons for eating when you did. List whether you were hungry, bored, anxious, or if it was just lunchtime so you ate.
  4. Drink water every day. Fill up between meals by drinking water. The liquid also helps clean out your system and energize the digestive process. Drinking water helps you reduce constipation and rid your body of waste and toxins.
  5. Add exercise to your routine. If you do not exercise, start by working in at least three, thirty-minute sessions per week. If you already have an exercise routine, but you’ve stalled on your weight loss, add an additional day or session of exercise. Shake things up by adding a new activity such as biking, swimming or playing tennis.
  6. Swap dessert for fresh fruit. For some, dinner would not be complete without dessert. If you enjoy a bit of sweetness after your meal, reach for fresh fruit. The fruit will give you that bit of sweet taste without the empty calories. With raw fruit, you will add vitamins and fiber to your diet that will help your body shrink in size.
  7. Start eating your vegetables raw. Cooking vegetables removes some of the vitamins and minerals. Cooking also usually means adding butter, salt or oil to your veggies. Instead, try eating your vegetables raw. Clean them well before putting them on your dinner plate. Raw vegetables are more nutritious and also are an efficient way to add fiber to your diet and make you feel full.
  8. Swap white bread for high fiber whole grain bread. When digested, white breads have an impact on your body similar to that of sugary desserts and soft drinks. If you cannot give up the carbs completely, switch to whole grain breads. You will feel fuller longer with the heartier breads.
  9. Add resistance training to your exercise plan. Resistance training adds muscle. By adding muscle, you increase your body’s metabolism, which will help you drop a dress size.

Setting the goal to drop a dress size is a manageable step in any weight loss or health plan. These suggestions can help you take this step. If this list seems overwhelming, start with the first four for two weeks to one month, and then add the rest at the end of a designated time period.


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