How To Eat Raw Food Detox Diet

Many people make the decision to do detox diets. If you want to do a healthy detox, you may want to think about a raw food diet detox. Raw food diets, which restrict you from eating processed foods, can be very healthy detox diet plans. You will lose weight by not consuming some of the most harmful things for your body.

Step 1

Decide what type of raw food diet you want to be on. Most people prefer to do a vegan raw food diet detox because it will help you lose the most weight. Dairy products, eggs, and meat are all known to contain a higher percentage of fats and calories than vegetables and fruits do. Those who do choose to eat meat on a raw food diet detox should be cautious of bacterial contamination, such as E Coli and Salmonella, which can affect uncooked meats.

Step 2

Fill up on fruits and vegetables. Any time that you are feeling hungry on the raw food diet, you will want to eat fruits and veggies. Not only are they less likely to cause you to get sick if they are not cooked, but they also provide the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Vegetables tend to be a somewhat healthier choice than fruits because they contain less sugar and will keep you feeling full longer. Certain vegetables, such as corn and potatoes, offer minimal health benefits and should be limited when you are on any diet to lose weight.

Step 3

Avoid using processed foods to prepare fruits or vegetables.  Salad dressings, milk, and butter are all processed foods that you may normally use when preparing or eating vegetables that you will need to avoid on a raw food diet detox. Instead, consider using a minimal amount of olive oil or vinegar with your vegetables if you cannot get past the idea of eating your foods without flavors. 

Step 4

Pay close attention to the beverages you consume while on a raw food diet detox. They can either make or break how effective the diet will be for you. The best option is for you to drink water or a healthy alternative, such as green tea. Do not drink soda or alcohol while on a raw food diet because the sugar will harm your diet. Unless you are planning to squeeze juice yourself, you will want to stay away from it.

Step 5

Add nuts and seeds to your diet. They can make an excellent alternative to fruits and vegetables. Nuts contain Omega-3, which is known to aid in weight loss. Nuts and seeds both contain other essential nutrients. Also keep in mind that you can add dried fruits to your diet, but you should only eat them in moderation because they can contain high amounts of sugar.

Step 6

Include any unprocessed or organic food in your diet. There are a wide variety of these foods to choose from, and they are all safe from a raw food diet detox. You can find everything from organic lollipops to organic pasta. You can also find a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, which are known to be richer with vitamins.

A raw food diet detox can be extremely healthy and lead to weight loss if followed properly. If you begin to feel ill at all while you are on a raw food diet, the best thing that you can do is stop it. Seek medical treatment if you experience vomiting, diarrhea, or fever, as these are all signs of food poisoning.


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