How To Eat Foods that Improve Memory

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You have a school exam coming up and wish you could enhance memory and improve concentration so you could study better. Or perhaps you always seem to have trouble remembering where you put your keys, your glasses, or your wallet. If you are looking to improve memory naturally, the only way to do that is through eating proper memory enhancing foods to exercise memory permanently.

Your memory can easily be enhanced by ingesting certain types of natural foods. Cranberries have been proven to enhance memory. Several tests have been done to prove this, and it is heavily suggested that women who were victims of rape involving the date rape drug could remember more about the assault and the offender if they had cranberry juice to drink beforehand. Drinking pure cranberry juice may help enhance memory so much that you can score a high grade on your school exam if you drink it while you study as well as during the exam.

You can also enhance memory and improve brain function by taking fish oil. You can eat fish, or you can simply take fish oil supplements that contain omega 3 6 9. Fish oil has long been proven to improve brain function, improve focus, improve concentration, and enhance memory. Eating lots of fish or taking fish oil capsules will greatly improve memory if it is part of your regular diet. Since this is a natural approach to improve memory, it won't work instantly so you should not expect your memory to improve right after taking a fish oil capsule. Your brain needs time to repair and rebuild your memory so you'll need to incorporate foods that improve memory as part of your regular diet and not just whenever you need a quick memory boost. Other foods that are rich in protein such as nuts or meats, such as turkey, can also improve brain function therefore enhancing your memory.

Peppermints have also long been proven to enhance memory, so while you write your exam and while you study you should have some peppermints or even drink peppermint tea to exercise memory. Aside from ingesting peppermints you can simply smell peppermint while studying and smell it again while writing your exam. Since peppermint does improve memory, and scent is most closely tied in with your memory in the brain, smelling peppermint can really improve memory. Get some peppermint scented lotion, chapstick, or body spray to improve focus, improve concentration, enhance memory, and exercise memory.

In conclusion, eating foods such as fish, or taking fish oil capsules, a regular diet of protein-rich foods, drinking cranberry juice, and eating or smelling peppermints can really improve memory.


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