How To Effect the Body with Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry is an aesthetic form of magnet therapy. This type of therapy has been used by various cultures throughout time as an effective treatment for various ailments. It works on the premise that the human body contains minerals that can be manipulated effectively by powerful magnets and in effect enhance physical health and mental clarity.

For magnetic therapy to work, it requires the charged magnet to be in close contact with the body part that needs to be healed. Magnetic jewelry allows the wearer to place the magnets discreetly and look chic. There are magnetic necklaces, magnetic rings, hematite bracelets, and other magnetic products like magnetic clasps, insoles and even straps for the knees and backs. The following are the most common effects of magnetic jewelry on the human body.

  1. Total detoxification. The increased blood flow and improved oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin is said to stimulate the cells to package toxins faster out of their systems better. Magnetism is said to regenerate the cells and improve their performance. Continuous detoxification is said to slow down the aging process and increase joint mobility, especially in the elderly.
  2. Hasten healing. The ability of active magnetic fields emitted by the magnetic jewelry is said to rapidly heal wounds by increasing local blood circulation. Healing is facilitated by the increased oxygen carried by the blood’s hemoglobin, which is used by most cells to provide the energy to build tissues and block infections that might impede the process. 
  3. Pain relief. Magnetic jewelry is initially aimed at alleviating pain at local sites. The magnetism emitted by the magnets are said to penetrate the exposed cells and stimulate them. This increased cell stimulation is said to generate increased blood flow, enriched oxygenation and release endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers. The combined actions will effect pain relief on the specific area.
  4. Amplified vitality. Instead of undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase energy, magnetic jewelry is said to amplify this vitality. The oxygen generated through improved blood circulation is said to simulate the effects of the hyperbaric chamber without causing a deadly increase of red blood cells in the system.

Magnetic jewelry needs to be worn constantly in order to experience their health enhancing benefits. Many advocates believe that care should be taken in purchasing magnetic products. The right magnetic jewelry with the strongest magnetism should be chosen correctly. As an alternative adjunct therapy, it is best to consult magneto-therapists, as some assign different effects based on the orientation of the magnet used for diagnosis.

Caution should also be taken for people who have metal prosthetics or implants within their body, as magnetism might affect their function. Pregnant women should also refrain from wearing such kind of accessories as precautionary measure for the fetus. Magnetic jewelry is fatal for people on pacemakers. People with life threatening infections or deadly afflictions like cancer should always consult a medical professional and not rely solely on magnetism emitted by magnetic jewelry.


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