How To Fake Sick to Stay Home from School

Toddler with thermometer

Sometimes you just can’t go to school. If you had a fight with your best friend and cannot face her or you aren’t prepared for the quiz in History class, there is something you can do to stay home. If you follow these steps, you will be able to fake sick so you can stay home from school.

Wash cloth
Hot water
Object with a bad odor (dirty tennis shoes, spoiled milk, anything with a smell you dislike)

  1. Choose your symptoms and sickness. The first step to faking sick is to decide what kind of sick you want to be. You can be nauseated, feverish or just have an upset stomach. Choose which you want to be, then follow the remaining steps with that illness in mind.
  2. Delay getting out of bed. If you normally jump out of bed to get ready, don’t. If you usually pull the covers back over your head and hide, this is where you will start showing symptoms. Don’t moan or groan loudly. Instead just lay around until your mom or dad comes in to pull the covers off.
  3. Raise your body temperature. If you can, get up early to prepare before anyone else is awake. Run hot water onto a wash cloth. Then take the wash cloth into bed with you. Tuck it under your arm or lay it on your forehead until you feel hot. You can also consider getting up and doing a few jumping jacks to get warm and have a little sweat so that you will feel clammy. Whatever you do, just don’t get caught.
  4. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to end up at the doctor’s office instead of school. Avoid fake vomit or indicating you are in severe pain. Don’t heat a thermometer like you’ve seen on television shows; it never works.
  5. Try a sour smell. Have you ever noticed how a bad smell will make your face scrunch up and your stomach a bit queasy? Create this effect on your own by sniffing a dirty shoe or other awful smell right before your mom comes to wake you up. Just a sniff and you will feel like you are really sick so you’ll be able to fake it easily.
  6. Keep your story simple. You get caught in lies when you try to cover or over explain. Instead, keep it simple. Tell your parents you don’t feel well. Let them ask questions if they need to know more about your symptoms. If you start rambling about a stomachache or thinking you have a fever, your parents will get suspicious because you are chatty and nervous.

Faking sick is not the best idea to get out of school because you are lying to your parents. Still if you need to fake sick to get a day off, follow these steps and you should be okay. Just don’t make a habit of it or your parents will know.


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I support the last statement. It is not a good idea.

By Mary Norton