How to Find a Personal Trainer That Works for You? 5 Top Things to Look Out For

woman weightlifting assisted by personal trainer

So you're ready to get serious about your workouts and getting into shape, but you know you can't probably pull it off without some help.

Have you been wavering whether it's worth the investment to hire a personal trainer to guide and support your workouts?

What if you don't like them because they work you too hard? What if you take the plunge and hire someone but don't make any progress?

When hiring any professional, you want someone who will do the job well. How can you find a personal trainer that's the right fit for you?

Read on for five tips on how to find a personal trainer. 

1. Personal Goals Communication Style 

To find the right person to meet your needs, you need to know why you want a trainer. It's important to have a clear understanding of your goals going into the process. 

Once you know what you want to get from the experience of working with a trainer, you can better find the trainer to help you reach those goals.

2. Common Goals And Workout Style

As you talk with possible trainers, you need to have common goals. If your goals don't align, the match will never be a success. More importantly, the trainer should hear your goals and create a workout plan that helps you to achieve those goals. 

it's also a good idea to have a "try-out" session with a potential trainer. You want your workout styles to be in sync. Maybe you need someone who is very encouraging. The trainer you try out may feel too pushy or not listen to you during the workout. If so, you know that you should look for someone else.

They need to learn about your needs during a workout and develop a training program that meets those needs.

3. Communication Style

You want your trainer to use a communication style that works for you. Do you need someone to "yell" at you to get you to push harder during your workouts? Do you need a trainer who gives extensive explanations?

As well as being a good motivator, your trainer needs to be a good listener too. They need to pay attention to your cues and feedback and be able to make adjustments so the experience is a positive one for you.  

4. Ask the Right Questions

A potential trainer needs to ask the right questions. They should find out if you are recovering from an injury or if you have limitations.

They need to ask questions to understand your unique needs. They should not expect to train every client the same. Understanding where you might have issues should help them to create a workout plan that helps you achieve your goals.

5. Expertise And Credentials

You want to know the area of expertise of your trainer. Are they well versed in weight training or training you for the marathon you hope to run? Do they use yoga as part of their regiment?

You also want to know the credentials of the personal trainer. This is a job that takes skill, knowledge, and training. Ask about their areas of expertise and what credentials they hold to be a trainer.   

How to Find a Personal Trainer That's The Perfect Fit

Now that you've decided that you want to advance your fitness level, use these tips for how to find a personal trainer. You will be on your way to reaching your fitness goals. 

For other tips and fitness ideas, visit out our fitness section today. 


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