How To Find Brands of Nicotine Chewing Gum

A chewing gum is probably the last thing you would think that could help you kick the bad habit of smoking, but it’s certainly an option that you have to consider. Despite being known to cause many types of cancers as well as respiratory conditions, smoking has been a very popular habit among many members of the population. While there is no shortage of campaigns that are meant to keep people from smoking and to encourage those who smoke to give up the unhealthy habit, it has never been that easy to just quit cold turkey.

Smoking is an addiction and just like any other addiction, it is something that just can’t be easily given up. The act of smoking allows a person to get nicotine into their system and since the brain is sensitive to nicotine, the brain becomes very dependent on this stimulus. While the person may claim that smoking doesn’t necessarily make one feel better or feel a high similar to other drugs, the brain senses it in a totally different way. The brain would sense the certain level of nicotine and would expect that the same amount would be present in the smoker’s system at any given time. This makes the smoker feel the urge to smoke again.

There are now chewing gums that are meant to replace the body’s quota of nicotine for any given day. These come in flavored variants that are meant to be customizable depending on how much a person used to smoke.

  1. One of the most famous brands in this industry is Nicorette. The most popular variant of this brand is the mint flavored gum. This is considered to be mid-priced alternative compared to the other brands that are available in the market. If you ask any smoker or former who has tried a chewing gum with nicotine in it, they would probably mention this brand.
  2. Another known brand is Nicotrol. Interestingly it is very expensive relative to Nicorette – priced almost twice as much. The gum should be chewed until the smoker feels a tingling sensation. Once it starts feeling that way, the chewed up gum should be put under the tongue. The surface of the mouth under the tongue has a distinct property of being able to hasten the absorption process for nicotine.
  3. The cheapest brand in the market is Habitrol. It comes in mint natural gum and fruit flavors. It works just as well as the other brands and also comes in two dosages. The 2 mg dose is meant for those who smoke less than twenty cigarettes a day while the 4 mg dose is for those who smoke more than twenty sticks (or a pack) of cigarettes a day. There is also a xylitol gum for those who want sugar free gum.

Regardless of which brand you choose, you should be very proud that you’re taking the initiative to break the habit and take control of your own body and future. Gum is certainly a more favorable alternative to smoking a few sticks or packs per day. And if you’re aiming at removing your dependence on nicotine entirely, this would be a good start.


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