How To Find Good Health Tips

Tips and advice are things meant to make our life easier. On the issue of health tips, however, it is not good to just accept all the tips and advice we hear around us, especially for very sensitive topics such as kid's health which may lead to adverse and even fatal consequences. Therefore, in looking for good health tips, especially in the deceivingly vast universe of the Internet, it is good to differentiate the boon from the bane. Nothing is more important than your and your family's health, so it's better to play safe.

  1. Check the authority of the author and creator of the site, and its purpose. Is it a personal story, like one of those allegedly ‘true-to-life' stories, or just part of a health forum? Or is it an article from a health journal by a professional?  It is very necessary to consider the authorship of the ‘tip' article, because there are many health hoolaboos littering the Web. Also check what the purpose of the site is: Is it a company site? A health organization? A nurse's blog?  Many sites around the net are made for commercial purpose (hence the .com) and looking for tips in a company's advertising arm may mislead you, basically because they are there selling you a product of theirs, not necessarily to help you in your health dilemma. One good indicator for a reliable site is looking for a Health On the Net Foundation logo. Check and
  2. Check the publishing date. The field of medicine is always under development and research; therefore, what is true today may not be true tomorrow. When looking for good nutrition tips, check if the site is updated. This is also a good indicator of a good health site.
  3. Go offline. There are many choices out there like MedicinesTalk, a health magazine by the National Prescribing Service, that have reliable heath tips. Although old-fashioned, you can always look for some books by reliable authors in the bookstore or in the library. Many books are bountiful of eating health and physical fitness tips.
  4. Avoid tips with ‘no therapeutic claims'. The medicine market is teeming with drugs of all kinds, which most of the time are peddled by sales agents who have smooth tongues. Don't get fooled by buying products with no therapeutic claims unless prescribed by the doctor. More often than not, the good vitamin tips that sales agents tell you are just tablets with superficial or no therapeutic effect.
  5. If left unsure, go to your physician or consult a couple of them. With all due respect, nothing beats the knowledge and reliability of a professional. However, your physician may not know everything. In this case, you can consult others. Check out for the best tips, directly from the pros.

It is good to listen to advice, but it all depends on the accuracy of the tip. In the era of scientific precision, it is always best to be a skeptic, especially in heeding good health tips.


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