How To Find the Best Arch Support Shoes

As any podiatrist could tell you, there are many different shapes and sizes of feet out there. That’s why apart from the typical foot sizes of shoes that are widely available, there are other types of shoes that provide adequate foot support for special cases, such as those with flat feet, and people with unusually high foot arches.

People with unusually high foot arches need to look for arch support products to prevent arch pain, and for them to get the maximum comfort for their feet. Good arch and heel support should also help them control their balance and make their posture better. That being said, what are the best ways to find the best arch support shoes?

  1. Consult a podiatrist. Consulting a professional is really the best option. Podiatrists (or doctors who specialize in treating feet ailments) can make a plaster mold of your foot, so that you could order the specific shoe requirements that would cater to your particular foot support needs. For a listing of podiatrists in your area, consult your local general hospital or check out or
  2. Go to specialty stores. You could opt to go to footware specialty stores as there are many that offer to give you free evaluations as to which types of shoes would be best for you. One such store is the Foot Solutions Store. To find store locations near you, visit their website at Also, it’s highly recommended that you personally go to shoe stores to get fitted for your arch support shoes or arch sandals. This way, you’d be sure to get the best shoes that provide the most comfort for you. Another tip to remember is that it’s best to try on shoes during the mid-afternoon, when your feet are largest (because it’s been walking all day). Once you’ve got your specific size, model and type of shoe, you could be more confident about ordering same makes and models online.
  3. Try out foot arch accessories. If you suffer from minor arch pain or just a slight foot overarch, why not try foot arch accessories available online? Some of these accessories and add-ons include arch support insoles and arch support shoe insert, which you could just slip on your regular shoes. Most of these add-ons could be trimmed to fit, and you have several options such as foot pads to alleviate discomfort in the forefoot; heel wedges for heel support; and longitudinal arch support slip-ons. Different brands manufacture these accessories, such as New Balance, Birkenstock, and SofSole, among others; some online stores you could browse through include, and; look for athletic arch support products.

There you have it! These are just some of the things to remember when choosing shoes with the best arch support just right for you. Though the feet are usually the part of the body that withstands the most weight and pressure, they are often the ones most neglected. You really do need to pay more attention to your feet, especially if you have particular feet conditions that require more special treatment. Good luck, and here’s to happier feet!


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