How To Flatten Your Abs in 30 Days

Your abs can easily bulge up but it can be very hard to shrink it back in shape.  However, with the summer fast approaching, you need to flatten it up to get yourself ready for summer outfits. The great news for you is that there are some ways you can do to help you flatten out your abs in just 30 days. Though this sounds too good to be true, the results can be seen if you will follow the rules closely. Here, check out these steps that you must start doing today.

  • Commit to a weekly exercise routine. Exercise is the best way to flatten your belly quick and easy. Hence, get yourself ready to perform a series of exercises around three or four times a day.
  • The side planks. You have to do side planks for 60 seconds in one session. This must be 30 seconds each for both sides. The side planks are known to help in firming your abdominal tissue. To do this, lean on your left elbow and your left knee. Bring your right arm up and your right legs must be stacked right above the other. Hold this position for 30 seconds on both sides.
  • The windmills. This exercise must be done for 60 seconds also. Start by standing up with your legs apart. The legs must be slightly wider than the width of the hips. Also, keep in mind to always have your back straight when doing this exercise. Then, bend your waist while your right arm is reaching your left foot. The left arm must be positioned in a straight line with your other arm. Go back to center position and do the same steps with your left arm going to the right foot.
  • The reverse crunches. Perform several reverse crunches in 60 minutes. To do this, lie on your back and bend your legs in a 90-degree angle. To add more challenge in your reverse crunches, hold your legs straight instead of bending them in.
  • The modified X. This exercise, when done 60 seconds per session, is known to work out the abs better and strengthen your core. Do this by kneeling on both your hands and knees. While in this position, lift your right leg straight back and lift your left arm straight forward. Do the same thing for the left leg and right arm. Alternately do this until your 60 seconds is up.
  • The side crunches. Stand straight and put your left hand on the left hip. The right arm must be held straight up. Then, crunch the right arm going to the right leg and while doing this, move the right leg sideward going up. Keep the leg as high and as straight as you can. Hold the position for 30 seconds and proceed on working on the other side. The standing side crunches must be done in a total of 60 seconds, too.
  • Repeat the series of belly exercises. Remember the sequence of exercises: side planks, windmills, reverse crunches, modified x, and standing side crunches. Repeat all these exercises for two more times. Meaning, you have to do three sets of each exercise for one complete session of your fast belly-flattening exercise.

In around 15 minutes of exercise session three or four times a week, you can flatten your belly in as fast as 30 days. Start this session today and you will be ready to show your flat abs to the world again.


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