How To Follow a Slow Carb Diet

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that reveals that a “slow carb” diet focused on low-glycemic index food is more effective than traditional low-carb.  And some experts also agree that people are having success on this diet. Slow carb diet is based on consuming foods with low glycemic index carbs that breakdown glucose slowly in your body, keeping your sugar blood levels constant throughout the day. Thus, by releasing energy slowly, it prevents hunger which makes it easy for you to lose weight. Glycemic index are used for measuring the glucose level due to carbohydrates intake. Since you don’t need to count calories or carb on this diet, it is much easier to follow the rules.

You can eat generous servings of certain foods. Food that are higher in proteins like lean meats, eggs, fish, chicken and cottage cheese. Foods also that is high in fiber like vegetables and fruits except for potatoes. Replace it instead of sweet potatoes or corn. Legumes like lentils, peas, nuts and beans are good also. Eat four to five smaller meals instead of three big ones.

Avoid foods that have white carbohydrates like white rice, white bread and white cereals. Brown colored carbohydrates are the good ones like brown rice and wheat breads. Limit your consumption on some whole grain cereals and breads because it contains high fructose.

Avoid taking any kind of junk foods and sodas, from the word junk itself it will just add up waste and toxins in your body. Drinking milk also can easily make you gain weight even sodas. Drink water, tea, or coffee instead.

Create a diet meal. Meals like black beans, mixed vegetables with beans, vegetable salads, tuna salads in grilled chicken, olive oil and nuts, and steamed fish can be healthy options too. Stock up some frozen vegetables or canned beans so these will be available whenever you are hungry.

Beware of fatty and creamy sauces when you are eating out. Experts suggest that eating in Mexican restaurant is the best choice at hand. Order food with chicken. You can substitute other menus with vegetables.

Make a cheat day. This means to set a one day in your week that you can consume anything that you are missing like white carbs, junk foods, sodas, potatoes and even sweet deserts. By doing this, your can keep a high metabolic rate, and accelerate your fat loss.

Following a diet is not easy thus it takes a lot of effort. Any diet will make you lose faster if you accompany it with exercise. Vegetarians who are under this diet should eat eggs and dairy products because getting an amount of protein is important. You should not also cut food because of high glycemic index, go for healthy low glycemic food index instead. Thus, low carb or no carb diet is harmful and cause us bad effects on the health. Just go for slow carb diet for the most effective results.


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