How To Get Rid of an Ear Ache Grandma's Way

An ear ache may be caused by different things: an infection, earwax buildup, a clogged Eustachian tube, unequal air pressure, or stress.  No matter what the cause, Grandma has a remedy for it.

  1. Use a hot-water bottle.   Heat relieves pain.  Apply a hot-water bottle to the affected ear.  Make sure that the heat is tolerable or you might burn your ear!
  2. Use garlic.  Garlic has antibiotic properties.  Eat a few cloves of uncooked garlic daily, or rub them directly to your ear.  Onions may do the trick as well.  Leave them on for a few minutes, then wash them off with clean, lukewarm water.
  3. Sit up straight.  Sitting up straight is good for the posture and for relieving painful ears.  When you keep your head upright, the Eustachian tubes drain more easily and the swelling within them subsides.  When sleeping, elevate your head by placing a pillow or two behind your head.
  4. Use mineral oil.  Ear aches may be caused by hardened earwax.  Soften the earwax using mineral oil.  Lay your head down to one side, with the affected ear upwards.  Using a bulb syringe, apply one to two drops of mineral oil into the ear.  Wait for at least 15 minutes for the oil to dissolve the earwax.  Repeat daily until you completely get rid of the earwax.
  5. Stop smoking.  Your grandma may be right when she tells you that you have to stop smoking for your ear to stop hurting.  Smoke and cigarette residues may accumulate within your ear passages, causing them to become inflamed.  Stay away from burning charcoal and soot as well, because these produce similar effects.
  6. Drink water.  Drinking water not only keeps you healthy, it gets rid of earaches as well.  Every time you swallow, certain muscles cause the Eustachian tubes to loosen up.  This causes fluid within the tubes to drain, thus the pressure lessens and you feel less pain.
  7. Cover your ears.  When your ear hurts whenever you swim, protect them with wool that is covered with a layer of petroleum jelly.  Make sure that you aren't allergic to the wool or the petroleum jelly, or you may aggravate your earache.
  8. Chew gum.  When the earache is caused by varying air pressures, chew gum.  Doing so opens up the Eustachian tube, thus the air within and outside your ear may become equalized.
  9. Yawn.  This is a better alternative for chewing gum.  It opens the Eustachian tube more effectively.  Make yourself yawn by breathing slower than normal.  You'll have a slight lack of oxygen, which triggers yawning to gather more oxygen. 
  10. Use acupressure.  Find the point between a joint of your jaw and the middle of the front of one ear.  Press on this for a few second, then release the pressure.  Do this a couple of times.
  11. Rest and sleep.  Your aching ear may be warning you that you are exhausting yourself.  Take a break and sleep the pain off.  Your earache may be gone by the time that you wake up.

Your grandma has a lot of experience when it comes to taking care of people, thus she has several methods on how to get rid of an earache.  Try out her remedies and see if it works.  Most probably, they will.


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