How To Get Rid of Intestinal Gas

Experiencing intestinal gas is normal. Everyone develops gas inside his body and everyone releases this gas either through the mouth or through the bottom. But excessive intestinal gas is another story. This can cause trouble plus embarrassment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get rid of intestinal gas. Most of these ways involve changing your eating habits.

  1. Take it slowly. Gas in the stomach is developed when you eat and drink fast. Gas can escape between your swallows. When you eat and drink slowly, you can reduce the amount of air being taken inside your body. And so, lesser intestinal gas. Talk slowly also because talking contributes air in the stomach. Have you noticed it when you keep on laughing? You suffer more intestinal gas. That is because you take in more air when you laugh.
  2. Get rid of soft drinks. Carbonated drinks like soft drinks have acid and bubbles that can add air inside your stomach. Try to observe how your stomach feels after drinking soft drinks. Do you hear rumbling? Those are the bubbles and the air they produced.
  3. Avoid candies and gums. Taking these sweets can take in more air inside your body. Reducing or replacing these sweets with sweet fresh and dried fruits will help you lessen air without compromising your sweet tooth.
  4. Enough fiber. Fiber helps flush out toxins from the body. This is very helpful for digestion as well. But too much fiber can cause intestinal gas. Fiber may be healthy but as the common quote goes, “too much of a good thing can be bad.” And that “bad” is the intestinal gas.
  5. Move around after eating. Don’t get used to sitting right after your meal. After eating, our body tends to feel so tired that it wants to relax. Do not give in to your body’s demands. Control what it feels. Instead of sitting right after eating, walk around. This will exercise your stomach and get rid of excess intestinal gas. Plus, walking around after every meal will help flatten your stomach.
  6. Move your belly. Exercising your belly with bending, crouching, and stretching can all relieve gas inside your stomach. This is possible because moving the belly helps move the gas out of the body. Further stomach gas and pain will be avoided when you do this. You will also develop more stomach muscles with these exercises.
  7. Avoid stress. In this fast-paced world, stress is always a part of the game. But this is one of the reasons why many people are unhealthy. Even your gas problems may have been caused by stress. When you are stressed, your stomach tends to develop more acid. This acid is responsible for building more intestinal gas.
  8. Avoid fatty foods. Excess fat in your stomach causes delay of digestive processes like stomach emptying and natural gas release. All these can cause more gas build-up, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Moderation of everything will help a lot in getting rid of intestinal gas. This is a good wake up call that you need to eat not only a healthy diet but a balanced diet as well. Remember, everything that is happening to your body is caused by your actions. That also means you can control whatever it will suffer or enjoy.  Choose to rejoice wellness by starting a healthy and balanced diet. You’ll see, not only intestinal gas will be relieved. Even your other health problems will also be resolved.


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