How To Get Your Health Data

When was the last time you evaluated your wellness or maybe the last time you had a general check up? Now, you want to get all this health data, maybe for a keepsake or as a medical reference. The good news is, the long wait is over because of the new health laws and health regulations giving you health rights over your own hospital data.

Health security over your own health records is no longer as great a problem, but there is still one concern—you don’t know how to get this health data. Don’t worry about that because with the new health regulations and health laws, everyone in the health sector recognizes your health rights.

So, let’s start looking for your health data. Here are some ways that can help you get your own health data:

  • Hospitals. The mere concept of getting your health data is to compile it to create a general health information about yourself. Hospitals where you were born or hospitalized surely have some of the health data you need. It may take some time to get those data you need specially that most hospitals are just starting to create digital versions of their medical records.
  • Clinics. If you have been visiting clinics, then these establishments must have your health data as well. However, most of these clinics are not yet keeping their records digitally so expect to wait for a period of time as well. But the length of your waiting will surely be not as long as getting your health data from a hospital.
  • DIY. You can even compile your own health data. Perhaps you kept some of your medical records. Simply get all the data you can get and compile them in one folder. It will also be better to make a general health record about yourself. Websites like and can help you collect your own health records. You just need to answer simple questions like your cholesterol level, your emergency contact, your allergies, and your medication.
  • Insurance companies. These companies take care of your health care needs—from check up to medication. They work with some medical institutions like clinics, hospitals, and laboratories. From them, the insurance companies can get your health data. You can also request them to give you a copy of your health data.
  • Medical Information Bureau (MIB). This is perhaps one of the few centralized sources of medical information. No wonder why insurance companies obtain data from MIB. You can also get access to your own medical data through MIB. •    Employers. The people you work for and the place you work in should always be safe from any contagious disease. That is why employers obtain your medical data to see if you are well-fitted to do the job or at least work with other people.

With these sources, getting your health data and compiling your own medical record will be easy. But the easy copy-paste technology we have now threatens the privacy of your health data. So, you should always take extra care and keep your medical record to yourself only or to people who are qualified to see confidential information about you.


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