How To Heal a Fatty Liver

Believe it or not, your liver loves you. In fact, most of your activities with your body involve the help of your liver. Without the good functions of a healthy liver, you will not be able to do anything. It is a small part of the body and unseen, but super important for all your body’s major tasks. It removes the dirt that you get from vices like alcohol and smoke. It stores energy to keep you going. And most of all, it helps you digest your food well. The problem comes in when the liver gets sick. The most common is the fatty liver problem.

  • Know your type. Fatty liver has many types. It will really be helpful for you if you know your type. This can be done through a blood test and an interpretation from your trusted doctor. The type of liver that you have will pretty much give you an idea of how severe the liver problem is and how you are to address the situation. The most dangerous types are the toxic types that are caused by alcohol. Although the non-alcoholic type called Reyes Syndrome is also something to watch out for. The steps are pretty much the same for all types, but it will help you to know your enemy first.
  • Kill personal vices. Alcohol and wine may seem to put you in good spirits and lessen you inhibitions. But this just might be the highway to your liver death if you are not careful. If you already have an existing fatty liver issue, try to settle for orange juice and iced tea. This may seem harsh, but alcohol is just no longer an option if you are seriously committed to reversing the ill effects on your liver.
  • Breathe fresher air. Pollutants from the air can also affect your liver. So if you can afford it, stay in a place where you can breathe fresh air. If you have to deal with toxic fumes like toxic paint and many others, just make sure you have your nose and skin covered.
  • Care for your skin. Make sure that you are also able to take good care of your skin. Harmful chemicals like insecticides and other harsh stuff may just not quite cut it out for your liver.
  • Regularly monitor through check up. You can check the status of your liver from time to time by having regular check ups. Invest high quality check ups from a good and trusted medical professional. Healing the liver is not a battle you do alone, although there are herbal medicines or alternative methods that tell otherwise.

The usual staples of a healthy lifestyle often help you prevent the problem of having fatty liver. But if you are already at a controlling phase where the fatty liver already exists, it might not be too late for you to change. Recovery can take from weeks, months to years. There is no assured length of time because it depends on you. Just make sure that you faithfully commit to keeping your liver healthy. You may not be able to reverse all the consequences of your past, but you can at least ensure that you have a happier liver in the future by following these steps.


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