How To Heal and Protect Your Voice

Your voice is part of your identity. When you cannot make a full person-to-person presence, it is your voice that gives you away. But some voices lose their verve because of problems with vocal cords. Some careers, like singing and getting involved in theatrical productions, need high maintenance for preserving the quality of their voice. Like many other things, it is subject to use and abuse. Are you struggling with your voice issues? Heal and protect your voice with the following steps.

  • Voice rest. This is the best way to heal your voice. Don’t use your voice. That’s really the basic rule. You can have a voice rest of at least a week to a month. Some doctors even advise six weeks of rest for severe cases of voice damage. Even whispering is not allowed, as this will still strain your throat. This silence may be difficult at first but it will spell the difference between helping you manage your voice problem naturally or getting surgical help.
  • Hot tea and hydration. Water and hot tea are the best buddies in helping you have the best voice you can possibly have. Hot temperature are preferred for cold ones are breeding grounds for bacteria that tend to grow snugly in your throat and near your vocal cords. To avoid infection and mucus from getting stuck in that area, you need to have a lot of liquids in you.
  • Gargle. Gargling with anti-bacterial products or even the traditional salt and warm water can help remove any film of bacteria or dirt threatening to affect not just your tonsils, but your voice-producing body parts.
  • Warm up. Making small humming sounds, buzzing and other vocal exercises can be really helpful in warming up your throat for some talking action. If you are about to talk for a long time, teach, do customer care work or sing, make sure that your voice is properly warmed up. Nothing is more embarrassing than cracking in the middle of a joke, and ending up damaging your voice permanently, for that matter.
  • Swallow instead of clearing your throat. Clearing your throat may give the impression of relief. But in fact, it damages your vocal cords even more because of the unnecessary force it is subjected to. And the phlegm does not go away, for that matter. Swallow twice instead.
  • Relax. Nothing kills a singing sensation more than stress. Relax and take things in stride. All your body parts will thank you for it.
  • Quit smoking. Chemicals like nicotine are nightmares to your voice box because of their harsh composition. Avoid smoking at all costs.

Even common people who are not opera singers ought to keep these things in mind. Having vocal problems can be a big problem in the future especially if it reaches the point where you can do little to repair the accumulated damage. As soon as you see signs of pain and changes in your voice, be alert to them and act accordingly. Listening to your body will help you save some headache of having to deal with the rest of your life voicelessly.


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