How To Identify a Case of Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic is an extremely poisonous substance that is mostly used in pesticides such as rat killer and manufacturing glass. Today, this toxic chemical compound has become available for human consumption such as food and drinks. It actually can be ingested in small doses through smoking (tobacco smoke), eating sea food and salt and drinking beer. If a person consumed too much arsenic, it can definitely lead to death. Many doctors and scientists believe that this dangerous substance is the main cause for most cancers. Exposure to this will directly affect your internal organs such as your liver, lungs, kidneys and skin. It is very important that you are very careful with what you intake or else, you might end up accidentally poisoning yourself. However, if you do suspect that you have too much arsenic in your body, there are certain symptoms that are a dead giveaway. Before panicking, it would be best if you fully identify it by carefully reading the following indications below for arsenic poisoning.

  • The first symptoms. Usually, a person with a case of arsenic poisoning usually starts to feel a series of headaches, confusion, light-headedness and drowsiness. You feel tired all the time and getting out of bed is something that you dread. You hate bright lights and you do not like moving.
  • Abnormal nail coloration. As the poison starts to progress, you will notice some weird discoloration on your nails. They will start to turn yellow and break off quite easily. You will start to feel a bit of numbness on your fingertips as well. Sudden convulsions and muscle spasms will then begin.
  • Attack in the digestive system. Your stomach will become disruptive. You will feel nausea, you will start to vomit a lot as you lose your appetite. You will feel extreme pain in the stomach, cramped muscles and increasing incidents of convulsions. Urinating will be painful, often leaving blood marks on your urine. You will also experience diarrhea as the poison becomes acute.
  • Hair analysis. Most drug intake usually stays for years in your hair follicles. So if you have arsenic in your system, you can have your hair analyzed to completely confirm it. As soon as you found out that you have indeed a high percentage of arsenic in your body, consult your doctor immediately.

There are several treatments that you can do to prevent the poison from escalating. Sulfur can effectively remove arsenic in your body. It is advisable that you start by eating food rich in sulfur such as eggs, onions, beans, legumes, garlics, etc. You can also buy supplements that contain amino acids that are high in sulfur. Just make sure that you first consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication. A high fiber diet is also an efficient way to wash all the arsenic away. All you need to do is to consistently eat cereals, whole grain rice and bread, fruits and vegetables. Lastly, it is crucial that you always have charcoal tablets in your emergency kit. If someone ingests high dosage of arsenic, call the hospital and make sure that you immediately administer 5 of these pills every fifteen minutes until you have reached the emergency room.


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