How To Keep a Healthy Respiratory System

Doctor checking patient using stethoscope

Giving your best shots with your daily routines will not be possible without a healthy respiratory system. This system of your body is responsible for the smooth exchange of air in your body. Without the proper exchange of air, your body will become weak and will eventually be prone to respiratory diseases that may hamper the success of your daily routines. How do you maintain a healthy respiratory system? Here is how to keep a healthy respiratory system:

  1. Quit smoking. Smoking brings dirt and bacteria to the respiratory system. Smoking makes the lungs weak. Aside from its effects to the lungs, it does no good to any part of your body. It only weakens them. Due to the particles brought by cigarettes, the sweeping powers of the tiny hairs along the trachea are distracted. These hairs, instead of keeping off dirt from the lungs, deteriorate thus damaging the lungs. Also, particles from cigarettes cause veins to breakdown in your respiratory system. This breakdown results in the difficulty breathing. In addition to this, cigarette smoking brings cancer cells that lead to death.
  2. Exercise. You may also make your lungs feel loved by performing a daily exercise. Daily routine of exercise does not only help the respiratory system but also maintains the wellness of the other body organs. For instance, swimming or playing badminton gives your respiratory system the change to exercise its purpose because you will need more air in these activities. Keep in mind that as you breathe profoundly, you are helping your lungs to be stronger. Daily exercise is the cheapest respiratory therapy to prevent respiratory problems such as pneumonia and flu.
  3. Maintain a balanced diet. Too much weight brought by overeating results to more respiratory failure. Thus to prevent these diseases and to maintain a healthy respiratory system, you have to consider the following diet tips for your respiratory system: Protein is the best for your respiratory system. Food such as soy, egg white, sea food, and dairy products are the best sources of protein. In addition to this, whole grain as well as fruits and vegetables are also recommended for your respiratory system. On the other hand, you should avoid food with too much fat and MSG or mono sodium glutamate. Moreover, too much intake of salt should also be avoided.
  4. Get a medical check up. The best way to take care your respiratory system is to get a yearly check up. This check up will help you detect possible disease/s within your body - especially your respiratory system. Doctors will help you by suggesting medicines or other forms of medications for your possible problems. On the other hand, physicians may also give you advice on how to maintain the wellness of your respiratory tract.

Keep track of your respiratory system! Remember that these tips will not succeed unless you have the will to pursue your goal and to discipline yourself.


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