How To Keep Bandages Dry in the Shower

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It's always a little bit frustrating every time you take a shower with a bandage on. You just know you're going to have to replace it with a clean dry one afterwards. And if the doctor told you to keep your bandage dry so your wound can heal, how are you supposed to get clean? Avoid the annoyance of wet bandages and consider these tips on how to keep bandages dry in the shower.

Step 1

Wear a plastic bag. If you don't want to get your bandage or cast wet, conceal it in a plastic bag. Make sure there are no holes in the bag and then place your arm or leg into the bag. Seal the top of the bag tightly with strong tape, like duct tape, to stop leakage. If your bandage is on your hand, you can also use a disposable glove or a rubber glove, using the same technique to tape it shut before entering the shower.

Step 2

Get out the plastic wrap. If you can't easily slip your bandage into a plastic bag, you can also keep it dry in the shower by covering it in plastic wrap. Have a friend help you wrap your bandage with plastic wrap and then tape the top, bottom and exposed edge of the wrap. Be sure to wrap an area larger than your bandage.

Step 3

Use a condom. This is a creative way to keep your bandage dry in the shower: use a condom! If your bandage is on your finger or toe, you can slip a condom over the bandage and seal the end with waterproof tape. (Just remember to use a non-lubricated rubber!)

Step 4

Purchase an actual bandage cover. If your bandages are quite large and you're going to have them on for a while, it might be worth it to invest in an actual shower bandage cover. The ‘Shower Sleeve' works great to keep your bandage completely dry in the shower, and it's relatively inexpensive (>$10). The package comes with everything you will need to keep the water away from your wounds as they heal.

Step 5

Consider a sponge bath. If you find it really difficult to keep your bandages dry in the shower, perhaps you should consider another way to get clean. If you can sit in the tub and bathe without inserting the part of your body that has the bandage or cast on it, try that. Likewise, maybe all you'll need to do is keep your one leg out of the shower stall as you quickly clean the rest of your body. Then just wipe down your leg (going around your bandage) with a sponge or facecloth. It's not exactly the most comfortable approach, but it will keep your bandage away from the water in your shower.


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