How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Spraying for mosquitoes

Maybe you have just had your first barbecue of the season ruined by stinging pests. Or perhaps a day at the lake or garden was thwarted by those nasty buzzing sounds in your ear. No matter what the reason, this article will help you learn how to keep mosquitoes away, so you don't have to stay away from your favorite outdoor activities.

  1. DEET - DEET has been proven hands-down to be the most effective means of keeping mosquitoes away. It's recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and can be found in a number of products right on the shelf of a supermarket. Follow the directions on the can. For most people, a spray with 25% concentration - just check the label - will keep mosquitoes away from you. You can find some sprays with higher concentrations if those don't work. Also, don't spray them inside or near people who are smoking.
  2. Stay cool - Mosquitoes are attracted to humidity and warmth, so keeping cool can keep mosquitoes away. If you start getting bitten by the bugs, take a dip into a cool pool or stream for quick, short-term relief. Mosquitoes will stay away from you when you're in the water and when you come out, but only if you cool down your entire body. When you're out of the water, dry off completely. This effect doesn't last very long, so once you start to sweat, mosquitoes will be back on your trail. But it does provide some nice relief from itchy bug bites!
  3. Plan your day for when mosquitoes are away - If you're planning to go to a lake, hike or garden, plan to be there after dusk and out of there by early sundown. These times of day are the peak for mosquitoes. If you can't keep mosquitoes away, stay away from mosquitoes!
  4. Bright clothes - Mosquitoes locate you by sight and smell. It may seem backward, but mosquitoes are attracted to darkness - think about stagnant water. It's usually surrounded by bugs! So do your best not to look like a dark pool. Wear bright clothes to keep mosquitoes away from you, and closer to those pools of water.
  5. Burn a candle - Because mosquitoes locate prey (that's you) by scent, you can keep mosquitoes away from your scent by burning a candle or a campfire. These fires put out carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes use to locate people, usually from their breath. Burning a candle or campfire puts out much more of this chemical than you do, so mosquitoes will stay away from you and go for the flame.
  6. Don't eat bananas - Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which mosquitoes love. Keep the bananas at home and keep mosquitoes away!


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