How To Keep Your Immune System Healthy

The difference between a healthy and unhealthy body is the immune system. If you have a stronger immune system, deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes, as well  as virus attacks, won’t be any problem to you; so it is time to alter your bad diet and begin taking vitamins. For some, these immune system boosters are difficult to do. Lucky are people who seem to have an auto healthy lifestyle due to genetics or their upbringing.

If you didn’t grow in a healthy family or have already developed bad habits, there’s still hope for you. You can still do some immune system boosters that will help you battle viruses, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

  1. Take care of yourself. The company you work for won’t save you or even mourn for your death even if you died for it, so don’t be a workaholic and take time for yourself. By doing this you will keep a positive aura and positive outlook. Why don’t you have a massage or a hot bath? Try to spend some time for a vacation or a shopping spree. Doing so is not being materialistic. You’re just rewarding yourself for the hard work you’ve done. Besides, you will surely be happy or happier, and being happy leads to better performance at work, thus resulting in better immunity and less stress.
  2. Exercise. According to a certain scientific study, people who do exercise are happier. This is because through exercise they can release endorphins. If you live your life mostly indoors, you tend to only inhale filtered air and dirty environment. That will weaken your immune system. But if you exercise regularly, you can surely boost your immune system. You’ll not only be happier but you’ll also be healthier with exercise.
  3. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables. These foods are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and fibers. Eating these food will help in better immune system with their high nutrient contents.
  4. Cut your sugar intake. Refined sugar has a very ugly impact on our immune system. That is why if you want to have a healthier body and immune system, the first thing you must eliminate in your diet is sugar. Don’t worry because you can still eat sweet food using healthier sweeteners like agave and stevia.
  5. Stop coffee intake. Caffeine robs the minerals and vitamins in your body. Worse, it can dehydrate you too. But if you can’t easily stop drinking coffee, then just add two cups of water per cup of coffee you take. Taking mineral supplements can lessen coffee damage also.
  6. Drink more water. Your simple headache may have resulted from inadequate water intake. So take more water or at least the minimum requirement. It’s not seven glasses of water everyday but the specific amount of water that your body needs.
  7. Eat more protein. This nutrient is the building blocks for healthier immune system, mind, and body.
  8. Get enough sleep. Everyone needs a different minimum hours of sleep. It should be 6 to 10 hours everyday.

How difficult is the diet change or intake of vitamins if you can get a good response against deadly infections and diseases? For sure, doing these now is a lot easier than doing these when you already have a disease. So better boost your immune system now before you become required to do so to save your life.


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