How To Know you are Pregnant Before Getting a Positive Pregnancy Test

Pay Attention to Your Body

Finding out you are pregnant is an amazing experience....especially if you are planning it! Here are some tips on how to know if you are pregnant for those early days when a pregnancy test may still give a negative result.

  1. Are your breasts tender/larger? Many women experience breast tenderness and an unusual fullness, or heaviness within a few days of becoming pregnant. You may also find that the skin surrounding your nipple area (areola) is getting larger. During your pregnancy, expect your bra size to at least double!
  2. Do you feel more tired than usual? You may find yourself easily fatigued and require naps during the daytime. If this is a change from your normal routine, then you may be experiencing the bodily changes of the first trimester.
  3. Are you nauseous? Though this may vary from woman to woman, if you find yourself experiencing any degree of nausea with or without vomiting, then a light bulb should go off in your head signaling a possible pregnancy.
  4. Unusual or ultra-short period? This is also known as spotting (or implantation bleed).  It is usually scantier than a period and is also shorter in duration than a regular period. A yellowish discharge may also be mixed in with the blood. 
  5. Gas? Yep, in many women, this is the first sign of pregnancy. You may notice that for some odd reason you have become a gas machine. This is a result of your digestive system slowing down dramatically in order to make sure everything you eat and drink is being absorbed so that the growing baby is nourished well.
  6. Are You experiencing strange food cravings? Pregnant women may crave increased amounts of vitamin C, iron, and salt, among other things.  Even from the very beginning, this is your body’s way of telling you what it is short of nutrition-wise so that you will eat the foods necessary in order to provide the proper nutrition for your growing baby.
  7. Urinating 100 times a day? OK, maybe not 100 but you may need to go to the bathroom more than usual. This is because your growing uterus is directly above your bladder and presses against it, making you feel full when you are actually not.
  8. Bloated/ Can’t fit in your clothes? You might confuse this early sign of pregnancy for PMS; of course when you’re late, other things should start to come into mind as well.

Have a healthy pregnancy!




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