How To Learn Surgical Treatments for Under Eye Circles

Having dark circles under the eyes can be annoying and at times cause insecurity issues especially among women. Using special eye creams may help reduce the black areas but after washing off, the shadowy rings reappear. There are several causes of dark under eye circles: deficiencies in iron or other vitamins, smoking, aging, hyperpigmentation, sudden fat loss, illness, and insomnia. In some cases they can be treated by correcting or getting rid of the causes, such as with the conditions of vitamin deficiency, insomnia and smoking. But with aging, hyperpigmentation and sudden fat loss, surgery is the only cure.

The most popular and most recommended surgical treatment for dark under eyes is blepharoplasty. This procedure is done on upper or lower eyelids. For the upper eyelid, blepharoplasty is performed to remove bulging tissues and support the muscles around the eyes. With the lower eyelid, this surgical treatment is executed to reduce eye bags and stretch and strengthen the wrinkled skin so dark rings disappear permanently.

Incisions are made on the outside following the natural contours of the eyelids so that scars are hidden just along the eyelash lines of the eyes. Blepharoplasty, which takes one to three hours to finish is recommended for both correctional/functional and aesthetic purposes. It is done for functional reason to get rid of eye bags that obstruct the vision. On the other hand it is undertaken for aesthetic purpose to improve the appearance of the eyes by erasing wrinkles and dark eye circles. 

With lower eyelid blepharoplasty, the fat under the eye is sometimes moved and relocated to the areas where dark circles have formed. This is usually done with those whose dark under eyes resulted from sudden weight loss. By repositioning the eye fat to the dark areas, the skin gets stretched and becomes lighter. There are also cases when the eye fat is removed to get rid of the puffiness. Meanwhile there are instances in which addition of under eye fat is a better approach in the treatment of dark under eyes. 

Along with fat repositioning and stretching of the skin, implants may also be combined with blepharoplasty. Tear troughs are common implants made along the lower eyelids to puff them up a bit in order to minimize the sunken appearance of the eyes.

Quite a number of celebrities in America have undergone under eye surgery. The most famous of these people is George Clooney who openly admits he had his eyes done to remove eye bags and dark circles on the lower eyelid. With this procedure done on his eyes, Clooney admits he looks much younger and better now and his career is getting a lot of boost.

With the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery, having dark under eyes is no longer a problem. Of course it entails some expense on your part to correct this condition but if it will help you gain self-confidence as well as improve your vision, the cost of surgical treatment will not matter at all. Don’t forget however that the rule of thumb for everyone to follow to avoid spending so much on surgical procedures remains to be: Prevention is the best cure. Except under the factors of aging and hyperpigmentation, dark under eyes can be prevented and proper care is all that it takes.


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