How To Live Free of Fear of Death

Death is something we'll all face one day. But if you live in constant fear of it, your everyday life may be consumed with irrational thoughts of dying. If you're one of those people with a fear of dying (known as Thanatophobia or Thantophobia), there are things you can do to lessen your thoughts about death.  Get your life back and stop worrying about dying by following these tips on how to live free of fear of death.

Step 1

Avoid being alone. One of the worst things you can do if you have a fear of death is to isolate yourself from others. When left by yourself, your thoughts can consume you. You'll start thinking about death, worrying about death, and fearing death. In general, without anyone else to take your mind off of dying or to help you see the irrationality behind your thoughts, your fear will grow and multiply. To avoid this, live your life surrounded by others. Start dating. Join social clubs, find a roommate, and get involved more. The more you can interact with others, the more you'll be able to live free of the fear of death.

Step 2

Keep busy. Similar to the suggestion above, you can lessen your irrational thoughts of dying by not giving your mind a chance to think about it. Find ways to occupy yourself, whether you're alone or with others. If you haven't got a hobby, find one. Join an evening pick-up league if you enjoy sports. Or what about volunteering with organizations within your community? There is always lots of need for people to volunteer several hours a week. All you need to do is start looking around and you'll find lots of opportunities to keep yourself busy and therefore keep your mind off of your fear of death. (Basically, get busy living, and you'll have no time to worry about dying!)

Step 3

Be someone else's savior. Sometimes people are worried about death because they feel that they aren't important. Of course, this is never the case. But if you don't feel needed, you may resort to justifying your own death. You can do much to avert such thoughts by getting personally involved in someone else's life. Be someone else's savior, their guardian, their angel. Maybe you can start visiting people who, like you, just need someone to talk to. Perhaps you can use your own experiences and your fear of dying to help someone else get past similar fears. Or maybe you have an elderly neighbor that loves to hear you strum away on your guitar. Use your own strengths, gifts and talents (even if it's just being a friend) in order to improve someone else's life. In return, you'll improve your self-confidence, raise your opinion of your self-worth, and see that there is much fulfillment to be found in living.

No one should live with a fear of death. It's a natural occurrence that comes at different stages of life for all of us. If you are always thinking about it, it will consume your life and you'll be wasting the years you are alive worrying about the one minute that you'll die. Don't waste another second of your precious life living in fear of death.


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