How To Locate Oxford Health Plan Doctors and Facilities

Oxford Health Plans have about 1.6 million members. Their 1.6 million members can’t be wrong in choosing Oxford Health Plans. With these, you won’t pay extra cost for yearly checkups, you have free preventive care for children like dental and immunization, full coverage for you lab works, and choice of OB/GYN even without referral. However, these benefits and services are only offered within Oxford Health Plans’ network of hospitals and physicians.

These plans can offer all these and more to you with its wide network of more than 200 hospitals plus top-quality physicians. Locating the nearest hospitals and doctors is easy with Oxford Health Plans website. Here’s how to use the website to locate their doctors and facilities:

Step 1. Register as a member of Oxford Health Plans website. Go to the Members Portal found at the left hand corner of the Web page. Registering as a member will make online transactions possible and easier. The website will only ask for your member ID, name, birth date, and email address.

Step 2. Sign in as the website’s member. You need to do this before you can explore the Members Portal. From there, you can easily navigate to important links like Claims&Accounts, Benefits&Coverage, Health&Wellness, Pharmacies&Prescription, Physicians & Facilities, and Tools & Resources. Go to the Physicians & Facilities link to check Oxford Health Plans’ list of doctors and facilities.

Step 3. Provide information to trim down your searches. You may find a physician by location, name, or Oxford Provider ID. Other information that you need to provide are nearness to your location, street address, city & state, and ZIP code. Take note that the ZIP code and city & state fields are required. Specifying the physician’s specialty, network, gender, and language will help you locate more specific professionals. Meanwhile, you may go to the Find a Hospital or Facility link to look for Oxford Health Plans in-network of hospitals and facilities.

Step 4. Read the Instructions and Additional Information. Have you located a doctor or facility? Maybe the website still needs more information. Reading the Instructions and Additional Information will orient you on what you need to know.

Alternative Ways

Locating Oxford Health Plans doctors and facilities is easier done online. However, if you want to find out other ways to do this, then follow one or more of the ways below:

Get a copy of Roster of Participating Physicians and Providers. You can order this online by sending them an email through their Contact Us page. You may also call 1-800-444-6222 to order a copy. Dialing the number will connect you to their automated telephone system called Oxford Express.

Send a mail. Use the following address to send a mail of request for Oxford Health Plans’ list of doctors and facilities:

Oxford Health Plans
c/o UnitedHealth Group
P.O. Box 1459 
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1459


Oxford Health Plans
PO Box 7081
Bridgeport, CT 06601-7081

Getting the most out of your Oxford Health Plans will only be possible if you transact all of your health care needs with its in-network doctors and facilities. Your claims will only be denied if you were serviced by out-of-network providers. So, as early as now, familiarize the doctors and health facilities in your Oxford Health Plan’s network and use only their services.


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