How To Loosen Up Tight Hamstrings

Spending too many long hours sitting in your office chair can tighten your hamstrings. While tight hamstrings are not the most painful condition that can happen to your legs, they can be quite uncomfortable and can make walking and even sitting a drag. If you have tight hamstrings, here are some of the easy ways to easily loosen up your hamstrings.

  • Use exercise balls. Of all the exercise devices that have been invented, few are as useful for tightened hamstrings as much as the exercise ball. The exercise ball is an inflated ball that is large enough to allow you to lie on it, sit on it, and do various exercises on it. It can provide excellent exercise for your hamstrings when you sit on the exercise ball, because you will use your hamstrings to balance yourself as you are sitting on the exercise ball.
  • Lying hamstring stretches. Not everyone has an exercise ball, however. If you don’t have one, you can simply do hamstring stretches while lying down. This is easy to do and can be done before sleeping, or after you wake up. In any case, it will keep your hamstrings toned for the rest of the day. Simply lie on bed and raise your leg. As it is raised vertically, bend it for a few seconds. Hold the position for around three to five seconds and then repeat on the other leg. You only need to do around ten stretches for each leg each day.
  • Stretching. Another reason why a lot of people end up with tight hamstrings is because they have not properly stretched their bodies before engaging in exercise. Exercise is a great way to naturally loosen your hamstrings, while keeping your body toned and fit and while increasing your blood circulation. The problem, however, is that the muscles can get sore if you do not stretch. Make sure that you spend at least ten minutes before each exercise session to stretch, including your hamstrings. After exercise, cool down with another set of exercises.
  • Use vibration plates. If you are not the kind of person who likes to exercise, you should consider using vibration plates. These are devices that create vibrations that reach all the muscles in your body. When using vibration plates, the tissues in your muscles are relaxed and are toned; this in effect loosens them up. This includes your hamstrings. Most gyms and fitness spas today have a vibration plate that you can use.
  • Running. Another way to easily loosen up your hamstrings is by engaging in some light running every day. A quick jog across the neighborhood will not only give you some fresh air and your recommended daily dose of exercise, but will also dramatically loosen up your hamstrings. Best of all, you get better legs for it.

Finally, consider engaging in some yoga. Yoga is not only helpful when you are trying to meditate and relax, but it is also a natural way to loosen up the muscle groups in your body. Try yoga a couple of times each day, and watch as your tight hamstrings quickly loosen up.


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