How To Lose Weight and Snack in the Office

How do you lose weight in the office when you automatically put food in your mouth and snack all the time?  The office is the best place to get fat when one does not watch out. The ingredients of being fat, not necessarily fab, are all there—tension and lots of junk under the table. If you have a job that requires you to just sit down and stare at the computer monitor, you need to consciously leave that chair and do some exercises in between. It will take a real gargantuan effort but losing weight in the office can be different but it is also very much doable. It all begins in your mind. That is where all the action begins.

Doctors and nutrition experts claim that human beings were made to really move and exercise. Here are some of reminders when you are stuck on the chair for the most part of the day:

  1. Drink lots of water. Put that jug of water near your desk so that you’ll just have to grab it and drink it and refill it every now and then. Statistics reveal that a big percentage of Americans are dehydrated because they are just too busy to drink in between their activities. Health experts even claim that people think that they are hungry sometimes, when what they just really need is a glass full of water. Doctors say that hunger is just the body’s signal to just drink lots of water. It is even advisable to experiment if your hunger will go away once you down that refreshing glass of water. This cleanses your system too.
  2. Move, move, move. That is the answer to losing pounds the right way. Every time the phone rings, stand up from the chair in front of that computer and jump, jog in place and move around. You can also do some stretching in between your stay at that computer. Bathroom breaks will force you to get up and do some stretching. That way you spend less time putting those fatty foods in your body and just exercising yourself to the max.
  3. When you are on that chair, though, you can always do some tucking in of your stomach so that you can still tighten your muscles even if you are behind that chair all day long.
  4. During lunch breaks, do so walking around the vicinity. That clears your mind of the stresses in work. It will also be a great time to get to know some people and pump up your blood, preventing clots from forming fast.
  5. The best strategy is to bring your own food to office. That means you are conscious of the food that goes in your mouth. It will save you a lot of money which you can put in a purchase that you have planned to get for a long time. This low-fat food will encourage you not to look for other fatty or sweet foods that pack the pounds faster than you can say yo-yo diets.


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