How To Lose Weight Being a Stay at Home Mom

Some of the women who have just given birth may have lower self-esteem due to the additional body weight that was gained during the pregnancy. If you are a stay at home mom, there are some tips that you can follow to help you get rid of that extra body weight. Just follow the tips that are provided below to know how you can lose some weight.

Learn how to lose some weight if you are a stay at home mom:

  • Mood board. Make a mood board that you can use as your inspiration when trying to lose weight. In making your mood board, you can get some old pictures of yourself when you were less heavy. Remember to keep your goals attainable. You can also use your old pair of jeans that you no longer fit into as your inspiration.
  • Make a fitness calendar. Make a fitness calendar where you can log the food that you eat or your exercise for the day. Also, put your starting weight on the day you start your exercise. The fitness calendar does not have to be anything fancy. You can just print out a blank calendar from the Internet or use a calendar that you already have at home.
  • Set aside time to exercise. This can be difficult for a stay at home mom since you have a lot of things to do such as take care of your children or clean your house. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day so that you can exercise without distraction. You can do this when the children are in school or early in the morning when your kids are not yet awake. By setting your daily exercise schedule, you do not have an excuse to skip your exercise.
  • Do small activities. If you are taking care of a baby and you really can’t set aside time for exercising, have some items handy that will help you exercise. Some of the items that you can use are a hula hoop, dumbbells or a treadmill. Place these items in an area where you usually stay at in your home. Whenever you have a few minutes to spare, pick up the dumbbells or use the hula hoop. Even small activities like these can help you shed a few pounds.
  • Clean your home. You can be surprised how much calories you can burn by doing some of your daily household chores. By doing this, you will not only shed a few calories but you will also be keeping your home clean. Bring out the vacuum and clean those hard to reach places. This is also the time when you can do some rearranging in your garage.

These are some of the tips that you can follow if you are a stay at home mom who wants to lose weight. With the proper diet and these helpful tips, you will surely be on your way to being slim again. Remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water when you do these activities.


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