How To Lose Weight by Boxing

Girl doing boxing exercise

Boxing is known as an extreme sport, but not many people know that rigorous training and exercise using this sport can make you lose weight. Boxing is a great way to reduce your body weight and burn lots and lots of calories in your system. A study shows that boxing burns about 102 calories in just fifteen minutes in terms of calorie expenditure. This means that in over a year, this fitness program or workout would burn a total of 37,000 or more calories in just twelve months, which is an equivalent of 10.6 pounds of fats in your body.

A boxing workout does not just help you maintain the normal body weight possible. It also makes you strong. It strengthens your bones and tones up the different upper and lower muscles of your body.

The question is, how to lose weight fast while in a boxing workout. It is essential to follow a healthy diet and eating plan. A great range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrition should be taken into account while maintaining fitness with boxing workouts. This is because a well-nourished body will most likely lose weight quicker. Diet-compliance improves as seen during weight and body measurements each week.

Boxing may not be the prime exercise we think about to would enable us to lose weight. It may not be as fun as it might have initially seemed. Regular people, like boxers, should maintain peak physical condition. Flexibility training, aerobic exercises and the likes keep the heart in shape, while weight-training builds muscle and keeps endurance high.

Tae Bo is a mimic of how boxers move in the ring. It can be used for losing weight. It is a kickboxing workout that was made popular by videos, which are uploaded by gyms and YMCAs offering kickboxing sessions. Customers are very fond of this type of workout. A lot of those who want to lose weight do this boxing workout since it is more enjoyable. This may also be done in preparation for formal boxing training.

Take note of the required demands for each type of workout. Workouts normally include weightlifting, jumping ropes, and punching and hitting punching bags as intensely as you can. Most Tae Bo sessions take you throughout the class as if you were really boxing with someone and the objective is to be in motion as much as possible. After the training and weight loss session, you will have a greater appreciation for what boxers go through while in training.

Boxing and Tae Bo are both great ways to lose weight. However, boxing will result in greater long-term effects while Tae Bo is designed to mimic the kickboxer motions in the ring so may not be as effective. It’s your own preference and the best way of losing weight is to couple determination with an exercise that you enjoy and do on a regular basis.


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