How To Lose Weight from Your Arms

If you hate the way your arms look, you're not alone. People across the world strive to lose the jiggle from their arms every year. But unless you know the specific methods to achieve this, you will never be able to target specific areas for weight loss. These tricks will help you to lose weight from your arms.

Step 1

Try push-ups. Push-ups are a good starting exercise if you're trying to lose weight from your arms. Of course, these don't just tone your arms. But they help. A proper push-up requires a bit of skill. Lay flat on the floor with your stomach facing down. Your legs need to be straight and in line with your back. Now, using your arms, lift yourself off of the ground. Your arms should be just to the side of your torso as you lift, and you should fully extend them with each rise. Don't allow your back or your knees to bend. And try to hold yourself up for a few seconds before you proceed to slowly lower yourself back to the ground. Several repetitions a day will do wonders for your arms.

Step 2

Do some weight lifting. The standard technique for toning arms is to lift weights. Your biceps and your triceps can easily be sculpted with some light hand weights. Three or 5-pound dumbbells are all that are necessary in the initial phases of your arm weight loss.

To do a proper arm curl, let your arms rest beside your body. Then slowly lift them outward, horizontally, until they make a line across your shoulders. (This sounds easier than it will be. Trust me.) Do as many of these as you can.

You can also try an arm lift from the ground. With your legs straight, bend at the hips until your torso is parallel to the ground. Your arms should be hanging and nearly touching the ground. Now, just lift the weights up to your torso, alternating between your left and right arm. (As an added bonus, you should feel this in your abs too!) Toning your arm muscles with these exercises will definitely help you to lose arm weight.

Step 3

Swimming works too. If you have access to a swimming pool, then you can easily shed some weight from your arms by swimming. Practicing the front stroke, the breast stroke and the back stroke gets your arms moving in high gear. With so many arms muscles needed for this cardio activity, you'll stimulate muscle growth and fat loss. All you need to do is swim lengths of the pool for 20 - 30 minutes and you'll get results. If you can do this a few times a week, then within a few weeks you should notice some weight loss in your arms.

Step 4

Be diligent. In order to really see the weight drop off of your arms, you need to be working out at least 2-3 times a week specifically on your arms. So in addition to your other workouts, you need to dedicate time to losing weight from your arms throughout the week if you want to see skinnier arms.


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