How To Lose Weight on the Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet is a popular diet scheme, most notably put into the mainstream by Ian K. Smith. Many are engaged in it because of its effectiveness and long term diet turn around. However, if you are planning to go on a hasty weight loss plan, you cannot use the Fat Smash Diet. On the other hand, if you plan to make a complete diet make over with the healthy way, here are the basic guidelines in losing your weight with this one of a kind diet scheme.

  1. The Detox Phase. In this phase you will begin to detoxify your body from harmful agents, bad eating habits and bad food choice. This phase focuses on reducing the calorie intake and radically changing your diet from fatty to high fiber diet. For meat, you can only eat those that are either grilled, steamed and if possible, raw (Precaution: don’t eat raw meat that you suspect to carry worms or any type of infection). It gives way to a water-heavy diet. Egg yolk must be avoided, and so are high calorie fruits and vegetables. You can satisfy yourself with fruits, but there are only certain fruits that can be eaten. This would go on for nine days, together with the occasional exercise.
  2. The Foundation Phase. This three-week phase would focus primarily on adding food into your eating repertoire. You need to eat four to five meals a day, whether you are hungry or not. This is to condition you stomach for lesser food intake. Food like seafood, avocado, whole egg, fruit juice and others can be consumed in a limited quantity. The occasional exercise must now be transformed into a full blown fitness program, a comprehensive set of exercises and workout. The foundation phase predicts whether you can go on a complete turn around of your eating habits.
  3. The Construction Phase. This phase is basically the same as the first two phases, only differing with more food added to your menu. You can eat bread, and pasta, with the initial food now larger in proportion. You can eat selected sweets and an occasional desert that will put certain sense of variety to your food plan. You still have to do your fitness program, but try to maintain it so to keep your body in a certain state. Doing more strenuous exercise would lead to hypertrophy (enlargement of the muscles) which if not maintained can lead to retrogression. You do not need to focus on building muscles this time. The phase would go on for 4 weeks or more depending on the capability.
  4. The Temple. This would be what Smith called the diet Nirvana. You can intake limited amounts of alcohol, pizza and other kinds of food, but you will be able to control your intake and you will have a conscious power over your eating habits. Exercise will now be as natural as breathing when you reach this stage. If maintained properly, this phase could last the lifetime. On the other hand, you could retrogress to the preceding stages again if you lose sight.

The comprehensive nature of the Fat Smash Diet makes it an effective diet plan. Fervently follow the rules and you’d sure attain the healthy body that would inspire others.


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