How To Lose Weight Using Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are very convenient and comfortable enough to use. Whether or not you know how to ride a bike, you can easily use it to get your daily regular exercise. With exercise bikes, you wouldn't have to worry about riding on the open road and possibly meeting accidents. You'd be able to improve the muscle tone of your hips, buttocks and thighs, and develop your leg strength. It also poses low injury risk to your knees and ankles.

How can you lose weight using exercise bikes?

Choose an exercise bike that is right for you. There are many kinds of exercise bikes available, although apart from some various features they are basically the same. Some of the features you may decide on will be whether to purchase a computerized model (one that shows your heart rate, speed, distance covered and number of calories burned) or one that's more traditional (without the computerized displays). Be aware that the figures shown by the computerized model, specifically the calorie counter, are largely estimations and may be inaccurate.

You may also decide between an upright bike, which is like a normal bike, or a recumbent bike where the pedals and your feet are in front of you and not below you. An upright bike provides more of a workout, while a recumbent bike is ideal for those with back and weight problems, because they support the lower back.

Set the resistance to an appropriate level. The resistance level determines the amount of effort you will exert during your exercise. The higher your resistance level, the more calories you will burn, with all other factors being equal. However, it's best that you set the resistance level at the lowest rate first when you are just starting out. It's important that you don't over-strain yourself. Just gradually level up to a higher resistance level as your strength and endurance increases.

Remember to do some warm-ups. Do some stretching and warm-up exercises before you start your workout to prep your muscles. This will also help you avoid muscle strain and injury.

Exercise consistently. Make sure that you exercise a little bit everyday. Aim for ten minutes, then work gradually up to twenty minutes as your endurance builds up. To help you maintain your workout, you may choose to exercise in front of the television, listen to music, or anything to keep you entertained. The good thing too about having a stationary bike is that you can exercise any time it's convenient for you.

Since the exercise bike mainly works out your legs, it doesn't really burn as many calories, compared to the treadmill, for example. That's why it's very important that you work out everyday to fully reap the benefits.

These are just some of the ways to lose weight using an exercise bike. The key is that you actually get to start exercising. The hardest part is to start, but once you do you'll just find yourself going! Good luck.


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