How To Lose Weight while Getting your Teeth Straightened

Losing weight while getting straighter teeth can be a bit irrelevant. But it will be relevant once you are already wearing Invisalign. Invisalign is a dental procedure for straightening teeth. It is similar to braces only that Invisalign is made up of a set of transparent and removable teeth alignment correctors. Getting one is far way more expensive than braces. It can cost at least $3,000 to up to $9,000. That is why having this is considered to be a big investment. And an expensive investment like that has to be protected and well taken care of. That’s when you’ll start losing weight. But how?

  • Losing Weight with Invisalign. Like the traditional braces, Invisalign can be worn all the time. However, wearing it while eating and drinking can drastically diminish its good quality. Foods and drinks can also put stains on the teeth support, making it not so invisible anymore. That is why most Invisalign owners remove this thing when eating and drinking.

    Removing Invisalign is surely possible but it requires a little hard work. Just imagine removing this thing every time you have to eat or drink. For most people, doing this is a waste of time. But if you don’t do that, it will be a waste of money. So, most owners will choose protecting their investment. Soon, these owners learned that doing this is not only a way to protect Invisalign. It’s also a way to curb unnecessary eating.

  • Eating and Invisalign. Since it’s always tricky to remove Invisalign, most people will choose other ways to subside their hunger like drinking water. It’s okay to drink water with this thing on your teeth. This way, taking fattening beverages like fruit juice, coffee, soda, and tea is lessened. Would you sacrifice minutes of comfort just to drink these things? If you would, then you need to remove the Invisalign. Even if you do, your appetite for these beverages might have already reduced after taking off this thing.

    So, most Invisalign owners tend to drink only water to answer their stomach’s craving for beverages and foods. In the end, they tend to drink more water than to fill up their stomach with unhealthy drinks and junk foods. Maybe it will work the same way for you, too. Every time that you are tempted to give in to your craving, just remember how much you’ve spent for Invisalign and how much work it takes to remove and put it back.

  • Benefits of Drinking More Water.Better health and better skin can both be achieved through drinking more water. Science has already proven that. More and more people have proven that, too.

    Drink at least two liters of water everyday. Drink more water if you take beverages that are hydration robbers like tea, coffee, and soda. Drink more water also after eating salty foods. Water keeps the balance in your body and helps in eliminating harmful chemicals and elements from the inside.

With Invisalign, you surely can lose weight because it encourages drinking more water. But remember that this thing is not made primarily for losing weight. It was made to align teeth without the braces. So if your purpose is to lose weight only, then you don’t have to spend as much as $9,000 just to trim down your size. Simply drink more water and you’ll soon lower the numbers on the scale.


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